Refugee & Immigrant Handbook

Millions of women around the globe are pushed out of their homeland due to wars and political persecutions every day. Their risky journey and life into the unknown have been rarely documented and shared with the rest of the world.

Our handbook, Learning from Within: Stories of Women in the New World, is designed to empower and educate women through storytelling. It includes the stories of brave female refugees and immigrants whose survival and leadership can be an inspiration to many other women all over the world. Their narratives of everyday struggles and survival and a list of useful resources are put together by different themes that the readers will find helpful in their own experiences in the new country.

A full version of the handbook will be available for download in December 2018 on

This project was funded through the Institute for Global Engagement's Center for Women, Faith & Leadership (CWFL). One of the authors is a Fellow within CWFL.

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