Iraqi Activists Society


Since the war in Iraq in 2003, the country has struggled with corruption and instability, and recently, the situation grew more volatile and violent leading to deaths of innocent protestors (for more details, read this or this). Founded on October 1, 2019, the Iraqi Activists Society (IAS) is a sub-organization of Refugees Stories consisting of concerned Iraqi activists who are former refugees from Iraq now mobilizing to provide rapid humanitarian assistance to the oppressed peaceful protesters for free speech and advocacy for Iraqi refugees within and outside the country.


The primary goals of the members of the IAS are to support freedom of the press and safeguarding human rights in Iraq by providing rapid humanitarian assistance and other training and education programs that could help build strong activism to protect the authentic stories of Iraqi citizens and refugees. In the long run, the IAS hopes to contribute to the stabilization of Iraq so that more refugees could return to their home country.