Chemical Breakdown

Kindly note that all participants need to carry a valid College/Institute/University ID card.

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What's Chemical Breakdown?

Welcome to Chemical Breakdown, one of the most awaited events of Engineer. But hold on, let us get something cleared. Chemical Breakdown is an interdisciplinary event, not just restricted to chemical engineering students. It’s a place where you can get your mind bamboozled and all are welcome aboard.

Prizes worth INR 7,000 to be won!

rules and regulations

  • Mobile phones are not allowed
  • Maximum number of participants per team will be 3.
  • No smoking, drinking or chewing tobacco in the campus.
  • Keep the campus clean.
  • Decision taken by the judges shall be treated as final and binding to all.


  • The first round is a quiz round.
      • Each team will be faced with a set of questions, which are mostly aptitude based.
      • The time duration for this round will be 45 minutes.
      • Get those thinking caps on, it’s going to be a battle against time.

  • Get through the first round, make yourselves ready for the Timed Round.
      • As is obvious, each team will face a question that they have to answer in the minimum time possible.
      • The top 8 teams will move on to the next part.

  • Now, get ready to compete against other teams with Picture Connect, the second part of round 2.
      • As the name suggests, there will be a set of pictures, all pertaining to a specific topic.
      • Guess the topic and earn points.
      • Couldn’t make the right guess, the question is passed on to the next team for lesser points.
      • The top 4 teams get through to the final round.

  • Just one more hurdle to the finish line, here’s treasure hunt.
      • Follow the story line, solve the puzzle, get the treasure and you’re the winners


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Registration fees

  • for NITK students: NIL
  • for Non-NITK students: INR 50 per team

Payment related details can be found here.

Deadline: September 30, 2018

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