What's Reflux?

Engineer is the annual technical symposium of National Institute Of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal which has be organized since 2005 and is one of the largest of its kind in India. In the past, Engineer brought organizations such as CERN, MIT Media and Bell labs while catering to a participation pool of over 6000 students from 150 colleges across 65 countries.

For Engineer 2018, we, Chemical Engineering students are organizing the first edition of Reflux. It is an amalgamation of wisdom, creativity, and celebration of Chemical Engineering through various events with the goal of sharing sapience with student community. We emphasize on the spirit of Chemical Engineering and create awareness about the diversity and opportunities available in this field.

We are collaborating with industry and academia like never before. Reflux is an event with something for every budding Chemical and Mechanical Engineer. Whoever thought Chemical Engineering isn't fun is in for a surprise!


  • Shortlist of IDP teams released. Visit IDP page to check the details.
  • Important Dates for IDP have been updated.
  • Capture is now a free and online event. Visit Capture page for all the details.
  • IDP rules have been updated.
  • Registrations have commenced. (Sept 10, 2018)


Oct 11, 2018: Chemical Breakdown

Oct 12, 2018: Industry Defined Problem

Oct 13, 2018: Capture

Oct 14, 2018: Chem-E-Talks

Please visit our contact page if you have any queries.