Integrating Individual and Social Contexts into Self-Reflection Technologies

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2023)

April 28, 2023

Hybrid; Hamburg, Germany



Technology for promoting reflection can help people better understand their emotions and thought patterns, eventually motivating them to take action to adopt healthy or productive behaviors. However, existing work has often viewed users individualistically, addressing people’s behaviors and emotions rather than recognizing the external factors that shape them (e.g., economic status, culture). We envision that the individualistic approaches can be extended and reimagined in ways that can consider such broader contexts. We believe such a shift in the design of interventions will help individuals reflect in a more holistic manner, supporting collaborative reflection processes that involve more than one person. With these aims in mind, we will discuss the two questions in our workshop. First, what individual and social contexts should HCI researchers consider while promoting reflection? Second, what role can various forms of technology (e.g., just-in-time adaptive interventions, peer-support platforms) play in supporting and augmenting reflective practices? Through our workshop, we hope to bring together a community of multidisciplinary researchers and practitioners who aim to design and develop reflection interventions that are situated within the fabric of users’ individual and social contexts.

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We are thrilled to be hosting the first workshop on Integrating Individual and Social Contexts into Self-Reflection Technologies. All members of the community are invited to attend the workshop and encouraged to submit papers. 

Submission Process: Email to with the subject line "CHI 2023 Reflection Workshop".

Upon acceptance, at least one author must attend the workshop, participate in a discussion session presenting three slides of the paper, and register for at least one day of the conference. Virtual participation will be facilitated for authors who can not attend in person. Accepted papers will be archived on the workshop's website.

Technology for promoting reflection can help people understand their emotions and thought patterns, motivating them to take action to adopt healthy behaviors. The uptake and efficacy of these technologies are impacted by many individual and social factors — economic status, culture, faith, etc. yet prior work has only explored a handful of these influences. During our interactive hybrid workshop, we will examine the role of these diverse contextual factors, how they impact user engagement with digital interventions, and how technology can better address them.

We invite multidisciplinary researchers and practitioners to submit position papers under the following themes:

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Important: We suggest that you submit your paper before the February deadline in order to receive a prompt response regarding its acceptance or rejection. This will allow you to make necessary arrangements, such as registering for CHI and planning your travel to Germany, in a timely manner. According to the CHI website, the list of accepted papers is expected to be published by early March. However, if you feel that you can complete these steps quickly after receiving notification of acceptance, there is a second round available. 

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