Refined Rustics

Custom Handmade Furniture

Local Wood ~ Local Craftsman

Refined Rustics features the work of Frank Cubero, master craftsman and native Transylvanian. Frank creates unique, beautiful, sturdy, functional & one-of-a-kind home furnishings from only the best and most unique cuts of the reclaimed local trees he collects. All trees are environmentally-sourced, usually from hazard trees that would have otherwise been destroyed.

Having been a wood worker for over 25 years, Frank has developed his own unique style. All of his creations are made from trees grown right here in Transylvania County. Our climate lends itself to great botanical variety, and we are fortunate to have many of the most beautiful species anywhere in the world.

Frank, who spent 10 years working for the NC Forest Service, has an eye and a passion for wood and is always on the lookout for wood with unique characteristics like this very unusual slab or box elder with amazing markings.

From the Tree to What You See!

Frank at Refined Rustics does it all- sourcing, sawing, kiln drying, and processing the wood into furniture. He knows many local arborists and has his own dump truck, saw mill, and tractor, allowing him to go get logs from hazard trees, storm damage, etc and make beautiful things with the wood. He also designed and built his own kiln to dry the wood so that it is stable. He takes the wood from the tree to the finished product, or as he says, "from the tree to what you see!"

Stable kiln-dried wood

Kiln drying is an integral part of ensuring that locally sourced lumber, particulary slabs are stable. With degrees in both Electical Installation and Heating & Air (HVAC), as well as being an experienced builder, Frank was able to design and build his own kiln for drying lumber and it works perfectly.

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