Indoor League Rules

  • No shooter is allowed to begin shooting before their scheduled shooting time.
  • If there are lanes open 10 minutes after shooting begins, another shooter may fill that place in the shooting line.
  • Shooters must stop at the end of their shooting time.
  1. Shoot at your scheduled times. Be here and ready to shoot!!
  2. Shooters must use the same aids throughout the season.
  3. Arrows must touch line to count higher score, scoring is on 5-4-3-2-1 basis.
  4. Scoring shall be done by a fellow shooter other than your team mate if you are shooting team. Individual shooters shall be scored by a fellow shooter. Do not score for yourself.
  5. Ten (10) warm-up shots are allowed before starting your score. If you do not wish to take warm-up shots declare it to the fellow scorer prior to shooting.
  6. All scores must be turned in by Thursday of the current week. If score is not shot by Thursday, shooter's average minus 10 will be used. You may shoot 1 week ahead. No make-up scores, unless approved by the director. Shooters can declare a double score before they begin- That score will then count for the current and following weeks.
  7. Shooters average will be used in case of illness. Average minus 10 if missed other than illness.
  8. If a shooter misses 3 weeks shooter forfeits league.
  9. Equipment failure results in shooter having 15 minutes to make repair. Then finish score. 10 shot sight-ins allowed after repair. If shooter doesn't complete score their average will be used for balance of score. Equipment with same aids may be borrowed to finish score. 10 shot practice allowed.
  10. Three (3) scores must be posted by the end of shooting on /25/18. These will be used to determine team and individual averages for class.