school supplies

School Supplies

Please Note: All California students are entitled to a free education, including associated materials, supplies, and equipment. The following lists are offered as requests and are suggested only for those parents who wish to purchase materials, supplies and equipment in support of their child, his or her classroom(s), or the school. Any purchase you make will reduce the financial impact upon our school, but we want to emphasize that your purchase of such items is completely voluntary. Your child will have access to appropriate materials, supplies, and equipment regardless of whether you purchase and/or supply such items.

If you would like to purchase supplies online, click here to take you to pre-populated supplies lists at 4 different merchants from whom you can purchase. Please check the items in your shopping cart against the supply list below to ensure accuracy.

Do not label each individual item with your child’s name, however, do write his/her name on the package or bag of supplies so teachers know whom to thank.

2) Limit sweet treats to once a month. We encourage educationally-appropriate celebrations of all kinds. If they include food, we would like these events to feature healthy food choices. Therefore, a maximum of only one item at one celebration a month may be in a desert/sugary category. We encourage families and teachers to consider healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit. Please do not bring foods that include trans fats.

3) If a child has a serious allergy to a food, the teacher will inform the classroom families that that food should not be brought to school at any time. Children with potentially life-threatening allergies cannot be endangered by or excluded from classroom activities or lunch time activities.

Instead of food to celebrate your child’s special day, please consider non-food items such as a personalized gift to the classroom or school in the student’s name.