Lunch & Snack

TK-K students should bring a snack to school every day to eat mid-morning.

1st-5th grade students should bring a snack to eat mid-morning and a lunch to eat midday.

We strongly encourage families to send labeled and reusable food containers to school. We also encourage students to stay hydrated by keeping a reusable, labeled water bottle at school.

lunch program

Order school lunch:

Apply for free or reduced price lunch:

food guidelines

Since many students have allergies to common food ingredients, we do not allow students to share food without direct teacher supervision. For everyone's health and safety, students may not share or trade food.

In addition, we encourage healthy foods and use the policies below, inspired by our district healthy school guidelines, viewed to the right.

1) No candy, soda or juice at school. Teachers, students, and families are asked to keep soda, sugary drinks, and candy at home and not serve or distribute them at school.

Healthy School Healthy Kids.pdf

2) Limit sweet treats to once a month. We encourage educationally-appropriate celebrations of all kinds. If they include food, we would like these events to feature healthy food choices. Therefore, a maximum of only one item at one celebration a month may be in a desert/sugary category. We encourage families and teachers to consider healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit. Please do not bring foods that include trans fats.

3) If a child has a serious allergy to a food, the teacher will inform the classroom families that that food should not be brought to school at any time. Children with potentially life-threatening allergies cannot be endangered by or excluded from classroom activities or lunch time activities.

Instead of food to celebrate your child’s special day, please consider non-food items such as a personalized gift to the classroom or school in the student’s name.