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Redwood Shores Elementary School partners with families on behalf of our most important stakeholders: our students. We look forward to working with you!

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Enrollment: Beginning January 16, 2018, the school district will have parent visitation events for prospective kindergarten families at all of the elementary schools. Then, February is the first enrollment period, which is the month to enroll a prospective kindergartener to have the best chance of her/him assigned to their first-closest school. Incoming kindergarteners with older siblings in the system should be registered by February 28, 2018 as well. See below for important enrollment information and the enrollment website.

Click here for FAQ on enrollment and school assignment.

Click here for the enrollment website.

Click here for the 2018-2019 enrollment timeline, which includes the Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten visitation dates.

Please feel free to contact the school district Superintendent if you have any questions not addressed by the above resources.

2017-2018 School Year and Parent/Teacher Conferences (Minimum Days for Students) and Vacations: Click here

School Handbook: Find school policies and procedures in one location.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the school day start and end?

Kindergarten & Transitional Kindergarten:

Monday to Friday: 8:40am to 12:45pm

Grades 1-3:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:25am to 2:35pm

Wednesday: 8:25am to 12:20pm

Grades 4-5:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:25am to 3:00pm

Wednesday: 8:25am to 12:20pm

What is a minimum day?

Every Wednesday is a minimum day and children are dismissed early to allow for teachers to plan and collaborate. There are other minimum days throughout the year for parent-teacher conferences. For more information go to: BRSSD 2017-2018 Calendar.

What is Back to School Night?

Back to School Night is an opportunity for parents to meet their child(ren)’s teacher and find out about curriculum, classroom procedures, volunteer opportunities and more.

What do I need to do before school starts? Are there forms to fill out?

Registration and enrollment are managed by the school district's central office. Please click here for information.

How do I find out who is in my child’s class? Can I get in touch with other parents?

You will receive an email from the District to obtain your child’s class/teacher assignment shortly before school starts. Once school begins, you will be able to use Konstella to communicate with families of classmates, to set up play dates, and to message Parent-Teacher Association Executive Board members.

How can I contact my child’s teacher?

Communication between parents and teachers is critical to student success. All Redwood Shores teachers have voicemail and email. Many also use websites and apps to communicate about their classroom. Your child’s teacher will review the best times and methods to get in touch during Back to School Night.

How can I contact the District Office?

The Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Office is located at 2960 Hallmark Drive, Belmont , CA 94002. The phone number is: 650-637-4800. For more information go to:

What is the safest route to walk to school?

Redwood Shores is committed to ensuring the safety of all its students and has developed a Safe Routes plan for the school. All families are asked to review the Safe Routes flyer and follow the guidelines for walking to school as well as for school drop-off and pick up. For more information visit Safe Routes to School.

Where does my child go on the first day? Should I accompany my child to the classroom?

Kindergarten parents should help their child line up by the classroom door. First through fifth grade students should line up on their designated spot on the blacktop for morning announcements. After the flag salute, students will proceed to classrooms with teachers. Parents should remain on the blacktop, then proceed off campus.

After the first day, how/where do I drop my child off? Where do I pick my child up after school?

Drop-off and pick up time can be very congested, so please allow ample time and be patient. If you drop off before 8:15 am, you will encounter less traffic. Please let your child know that they must wait until the 8:10 am bell to play on the school yard, when supervision begins. At dismissal, teachers proceed to the blacktop with their students, who are dismissed individually to each parent, guardian, or designated person. If someone is picking up your child for you, please make sure that person is on your emergency contact list with the main office, and tell the person to allow time to be asked for identification. This is for the safety of our students.

What if my child is sick, late, or needs to leave early?

If your child is going to be absent or late, call the school at 650.802.8060, the earlier the better. If you do not contact the school, the front office staff will contact you to inquire about your child's safety and to obtain the reason for the absence. If you need to pick up your child early, check in at the office. The front office staff will contact your child’s teacher and have your child report to the office. For more information click here.

What if my child forgets something (e.g. lunch, jacket, homework, etc.)?

Is the item essential for safety or health? If yes, please bring it to the front office. Examples include glasses or medication. Non-essential items should be kept at home for the child to bring to school the next day. This way, teachers and students in the midst of the learning process do not have unnecessary interruptions.

Is there after-school care? How does my child get from the classroom to the after-school site?

The on-campus after-school provider is Footsteps. Footsteps staff escort TK and K students to and from their classroom. 1st through 5th graders are picked up at a central spot and then escorted to Footsteps.

When are the school vacations?

All the schools in the BRSSD district, including the middle school programs at Ralston, Sandpiper, and Nesbit, have vacations at the same time. A link to the 2017-2018 School Calendar can be found here .

What school supplies does my child need? Will they be needed on the first day? What about a backpack?

It is helpful for your child to have a backpack on the first day of school. Classroom supplies are typically donated by families at the start of the school year. Most supplies are stored in the classroom for the students' use, so they do not need to carry all supplies in their backpacks every day.

Should I send my child a snack?

Yes, each classroom has a snack break mid-morning and parents should send a healthy snack to help their child stay focused and able to learn.

What about lunch? Can my child microwave food? Can my child purchase a lunch?

Students do not have access to a refrigerator or microwave; staff and volunteers are unable to microwave food for students. Parents can pre-order hot or cold lunches through the District provider, Choicelunch. For more information about the lunch program go to To order from Choicelunch, go to its ordering website

What about allergies and food restrictions?

Teachers will communicate to students and parents about food allergies in their child’s classroom. Once teachers have assessed the needs of their students, they have the discretion to determine that a classroom must be free of one or more particular allergens. Parents of children with allergies to food or other items should inform the District during the registration process and inform the child’s teacher and front office before or on the first day of school.

What if my child needs to take medicine at school?

If your child needs to take medication at school, you will need to read and complete the District’s Medical Authorization Form. Please complete the needed information on page 1 and read the policies and expectations on page 2.

Where can I find out about the academic programs at Redwood Shores?

Redwood Shores implements curriculum and instruction in accordance with the state of California and Belmont-Redwood Shores Elementary District guidelines. For more information click here.

How much homework will my child have?

Homework is an integral part of the educational process. Please expect 20 minutes of daily reading for students of all grade levels, along with other activities the teachers will describe on Back to School Night. Homework time typically increases at each grade level.

Are there field trips?

Yes, all grades take one or more field trips during the year that support academic learning. Parents are welcome, and essential, to help chaperone and transport children. Your child’s teacher will talk about specific field trips being planned during Back to School Night. If you want to participate, please click here for volunteer clearance requirements.

Where can I find about behavior expectations and other school policies?

All adults and students are expected to behave respectfully and follow the instructions of district employees at all times. For more information on specific behavior expectations click here.

Can I volunteer in the classroom? Or if I can’t volunteer during the day, are there other ways to contribute my time?

To volunteer in the classroom, contact your child’s room parent or teacher. Be sure you have completed the Volunteer Clearance Process, which is only required once during the years your child or children attend BRSSD schools. If volunteering during the school day is not possible, the PTA has many volunteer opportunities that fit any schedule.

Is there anything I need to do if I am visiting the campus to volunteer or participate in an event?

Yes, all visitors and volunteers are required to check in at the front office on each visit to sign the visitor log and obtain a badge.

How can I contribute financially? What is the difference between the PTA and School Force?

Contributions to the Redwood Shores PTA and to School Force support many programs and services for your your child(ren)’s benefit. School-Force funds personnel such as music, library, science and reading specialists. The PTA funds programs such as assemblies, class materials, field trips, and social events. Both organizations partner with the school district to provide for the "whole child".