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This is a wellness center for functional medicine right? Not a restaurant or car dealership. So it is difficult to understand why Yelp has filtered out so many good reviews for Red Tail Wellness Centers. There are literally 26 different reviews that are "not recommended" by Yelp. As a matter of fact almost all of the "not recommended" reviews are positive.

First Review from Sarah L. of Red Tail Wellness

12/7/2012Previous review

A highly unethical Chiropractic office. I had negative experiences with the front desk, the massage therapist and Ian. Ian assured me that the supplements he was giving me were covered by my auto insurance med pay, without checking State Farm policy first. I had my hesitations, a previous Chiropractor told me insurance would not cover supplements. Sure enough Ian was incorrect, and now he is holding me responsible for $50 fish oils???? Highly unethical, unless some how Ian is pressing these oils himself. Amazing how he is profiting off of his mistake. Ian also has been charging my insurance an extra $55 for something called a "neuromuscular reeducation", which he has never ever taken the time to do.

If you are in pain, not sleeping, and dealing with adrenal not see this chiropractor. He is supplement happy, even if it is not what is best for the patient. He seems inexperienced and out of touch with the fact that people dealing with car accident symptoms are in pain. He also wanted me to give a "full report" about a massage with his new therapist? Did he not receive her work, before hiring her?

"If you are in pain, not sleeping, and dealing with adrenal not see this chiropractor. "

Red Tail Wellness Review Sara L Yelp April 18, 2013

A complete review from Sara L on Yelp 04/18/2013:

h, Ian wanted the sale for the supplements. He brought out his over priced fish oils and adrenal supplements with a smile on his face, assuring me that my auto insurance would cover it based on inflammation. There was no discussion of the price, in fact I already had both supplements of a different brand in my possession and he knew that from my intake sheet. There also was no discussion of what would happen if my medpay did not cover them, because again he assured me that they would be covered. I was injured, not sleeping, and not able to work. HHMMMMM? Why would I want to pay an extra $150 for his supplements? Chiropractors know that auto insurance does not cover supplements, because I have asked several of them since the unethical experience at Red Tail Wellness Center. Ian does not have the courage to admit to a mistake. The front desk told me when I scheduled my first appointment that the only insurance they take is medpay, so who is he billing for supplements without a denial? It can't be State Farm auto insurance because they do not cover it, nor does any other medpay, and his office does not bill any other type of insurance. Furthermore, the massage therapist was not focused on my pain or well being either. After my massage for whiplash, she told me I could join their massage "club" after I was done with all of this car accident "stuff", and have $ automatically deducted from my bank account. Why would she do that when I had barely begun to heal and was being covered for bodywork through my auto insurance. She even went so far as to send me a coupon to use. This office was not focused on my injury or recovery, their primary focus was SALES. I only saw Ian a few times, the fact that his massage therapist was new and he "expected a full report" of her work has absolutely nothing to do with ME! the way Ian, the massage room was cold and the massage therapist wanted me to make sure and let you know that she needed a heating element for the table/room. UNPROFESSIONAL.

Seems That The Mantra at Red Tail Wellness is SALES, SALES, SALES

Patient comes back after negatively reviewing the practice and decides to give them (Red Tail Wellness) another opportunity. Let's start there... she came back! How often does that happen? This review was very interesting to me, Sarah L has other reviews on Yelp and "friends" as well. Seems that she is a "real" Yelper. Here the basic message we are getting over and again is "SALES" being the primary motivator for the staff at Red Tail Wellness. In addition to the primary motivator being sales, it is proven with the lack of service that is described in both reviews.

We see the same message over and over again as we go through the negative reviews on Yelp. It would seem that Dr. Ian Hollaman is definitely focused on sales. It is easy to be empathetic to these patients who have spent a great deal of money for help. They have trusted and decided to go with Red Tail Wellness, only to find out in the middle of their treatment that they are just another sale.

"He talked like a used car salesman"

After Sarah R spends close to $4,000 with Red Tail Wellness Centers she is expecting to get some answers... She can get those answers for another $4,000 - $7,000 she is told. She felt that Dr. Ian Hollaman was selling her like a used car salesman. She was extremely disappointed to find out how the services worked, but it was too late because she had already spent her money.

It is these kind of reviews over and over again throughout all of the review platforms that we see this message. It seems to be very common.

"Know What You're Getting Into"

Sarah R (review to the left), does not leave reviews on Yelp. Ever. So why post this one? Simple, it states in the review that she never leaves reviews. Additionally this review has made it through Yelp's algorithm review engine and we have great belief in this process. In other words the fake reviews get kicked out pretty quickly and this review is over 5 years old.

It means a lot that someone who typically does not leave reviews on Yelp decided to leave one. This reflects their anger. Sarah's full review can be seen on Yelp here or you can read it below.

Sarah R. 04/11/2015 (as printed in yelp)


Know What You're Getting Into

(Functional Medicine Review)

I don't often write reviews on Yelp but wanted to warn prospective clients about 'Dr. Ian'. Although personable and thorough during the first appointment ($350 for assessment including a $100 deposit when you book the appointment in case you change your mind - shady), I don't feel his practices are fair or ethical. After $3600 of blood tests and and a $290 stool test, I was expecting to learn a great deal in the follow-up appointment. Instead, for another $250, the good doctor talked for an hour trying to sell me his plan to address all the issues, which would either cost $4000 for 3 months of care, or over 7k for 6 months of services. He refused to simply go over the results in detail and tell me what I needed to do to heal and insisted I either sign up for one of his plans or would get nothing. He talked like a used car salesmen. If I had prior knowledge of the way things worked, I may not have been so angry, but there was never a mention of his plan. What a waste of time and money. Beware!

Useful 29FunnyCool 1

"Save your money and avoid being blamed for our illness -- do not go here"

- Meaghan D. Biddeford, ME

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Full Review From Yelp by

Meaghan D.


I've hesitated for a long time about whether or not to write this review, but I thought it important for others to know about my experience.

I was treated at Redtail Wellness by Ian Hollaman from February-August 2015. I had been experiencing a number of symptoms, including severe headaches, fibromyalgia-like pain, severe fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, and gastrointestinal issues for several years with increasing severity. I was desperate for help. I was put on an elimination diet and a variety of supplements, along with other treatments (neurofeedback, trigenics). After some initial improvement following dietary changes, I was still feeling very unwell. After spending thousands of dollars on treatment, Ian suggested that my continuing symptoms were due to stress and that I should consider quitting my job if I really wanted to improve my health. The refrain of "you are just stressed" was so demoralizing and left me hopeless and feeling like I was to blame for my health problems. I later found out I was suffering from untreated Lyme disease and have since found compassionate and capable treatment.

I don't blame Ian for not catching the Lyme disease -- many doctors before and after missed this. The problem here is that the practice has a set playbook and they continue to encourage you to spend more and more money on treatments no matter if this is actually appropriate -- e.g. I was several times offered "generous" discounts to keep me coming back. But if the standard playbook doesn't work, you are out of luck and told it is your own fault. Save your money and avoid being blamed for your illness -- do not go here.

(Also, it is profoundly troubling that patients are offered a discount for writing a review!)

"Offered a Discount For Writing A Review"

At first when I read Meaghan's review of Red Tail Wellness Centers I figured it was just another negative review. Then I stopped and read it again. It is not a scathing review, her experience did not deliver the results that she wanted. She felt like even though the practice knew they were not going to make a difference, they persisted with continuous treatments. At least that is what I had taken from it.

It seems that Meaghan felt like she was put through some "templated "playbook and was encouraged to continue with spending more and attending more appointments over finding out what was actually wrong with her.

At the end of her review she discusses the fact that she was offered a discount for a review on her experience. I know that as for Yelp, that would definitely be a violation of the Terms of Service. Yelp specifically requests that members not request for a review.

Obviously it is impossible to know whether or not Red Tail Wellness Centers staff had asked Meaghan D. to review the business. However, it is difficult to think that someone would just make up this kind of information. More than likely she was requested to leave a review.

UPDATE FEB 01 2020

Meaghan's review has been moved to the "28 Reviews For Red Tail Wellness Centers That are not currently recommended". At the time of writing this the review had not been filtered to the "not currently recommended" section of the profile for Red Tail Wellness Centers.

Red Tail Health Yelp Reviews So Far...

So far we have been told to do our research and we have learned that Red Tail Health or Red Tail Wellness Centers offers or has offered discounts for reviews.

Then I come across this review from Cd. B to the left. This review from October of last year, just 4 months ago at the time that I am researching all of this.

Seems again, we get the "High pressure sales" review. I could definitely see this as the sales script seems to be consistent. This having to bring your spouse along or they will not see you is very interesting. It is tough for me to believe that anyone would agree to this in this day and age.

Here it would seem that we have the same message repeated to us again and again. Dr. Ian Hollaman seems to be focused on his specials and plans, repetitively. Almost as though he has no empathy for his patients from the sounds of it.

There seems to be a very big disconnect in between the Doc and his patients here. It would seem that the staff of Red Tail Wellness Centers are determined to meet sales quotas, this over the best interest of the patient it would seem according to these reviews. Definitely not something I would want to experience from a medical professional. When I stop and think about it, I have never had that experience. It quite honestly has to be very uncomfortable.

Real or Fake Review From a Peer?

For fear that Dr. Auer would take down his review of Red Tail Wellness Centers, we captured a screen shot here. Below is the embedded review from Dr. Daniel Auer on 05/14/2015.

At first, reading this review, it looks great! But, I begin to wonder, is that scrubs that this guy is wearing in his profile picture? So, I take a deeper link at the profile. Below you can see a link in his Yelp Profile for his website That's weird right? Here is a Doctor giving another Doctor a review. He does not disclose that he is a doctor. That seems dishonest a little, right?

Well, a Doctor most certainly has the right to see another Doctor, right? Here is what is really odd, Dr. Auer is a functional medicine provider as well. So, it just seems odd that he would have reviewed another functional medicine provider. I mean doesn't Dr. Auer have the knowledge to be able to diagnose and treat his own health issues?

Click on the image to the left for a larger version of this. This is Daniel Auer's profile. Here you can see, I have circled the link back to his website. There at , you can see that this is the same individual that left Red Tail Wellness a review. This gentleman is also a functional medicine provider in Cupertion, Ca. Why would Dr. Auer need the services of another functional medicine provider. Doesn't that seem weird?

In addition to this out of all Dr. Auer's reviews on Yelp, this (Red Tail Wellness Centers) is the only Colorado based business that the Doctor has reviewed. Just seems odd. So rather than guess, we emailed Dr. Auer and asked if he has indeed visited Red Tail Wellness Centers.