Red Tail Wellness Centers

Review by Dr. Centeno Schultz

Who is this guy even?

Dr. Christopher J Centeno, M.D. an "international expert and specialist in regenerative medicine" according to his site. He is a specialist in mesenchymal stem cells orthopedics and is BOARD CERTIFIED in physical medicine as well as pain management.

Pictured above, Dr. Ian Hollaman and wife Dr. Karen Hollaman, it would seem Dr. Hollaman is a falconer on top of being a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Doc.

The conclusion

Ultimately at the end of the review, Dr. Centeno goes on to say that Red Tail Wellness Centers isn't injecting a product that is likely to contain any stem cells whatsoever! As a matter-of-fact a product that they are using and the claims that they are making are unknown. He says "nobody knows at this point as there is no research". He goes on to state that instead of receiving a specialist that performs these procedures you are getting a procedure from a nurse.

I don't know about you, but to me "stem cell therapy" and injecting my body full of foreign substances seems like something that I should put some thought and research into. It's similar to eye laser surgery and all of the people that ran out into the market to get surgery on their eyes of all things! Today we are finding out that the procedure is not permanent and in some cases it has caused some permanent damage.

Here in this particular case with stem cell therapy, definitely a new procedure in the marketplace. Now, we have a medical professional that isn't even performing the treatment himself but is recommending to patients that they get this procedure done. Again, it's not even something that he is licensed to do himself!

Peer Review by Dr. Centeno Schultz

Oddly enough, Dr. Ian Hollaman and his practice (Red Tail Wellness Centers) have earned a couple of peer reviews. Doesn't seem common in the medical industry that Doctors take time out of their day to publish online about their peers. Nonetheless, I have found a couple of different peer reviews.

The first peer review of Red Tail Wellness Centers. Dr. Centeno has started a new series in which he spends time reviewing local "stem cell" offerings here in the Denver Metro area. The very first practice that he chooses to review is Red Tail Wellness Centers, this because he was sent a flyer by a local physical therapist. Why would a therapist choose to send this to Dr. Centeno? Is there smoke?

You can read the review for yourself below or click on this link to visit the doctor's website directly. We have also included a link for a downloadable.pdf here or click the image below for the .pdf.