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A place to learn about Red Tail Wellness reviews. Seems like there are some negative reviews that are consistent. Figure out whether Red Tail Wellness is the right fit for you or not.

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This site compiles reviews, both professional and customer reviews and puts them all in one place. If you are considering Red Tail Wellness as a provider, this will be worth the read!

"This guy is all about making money"

-Anonymousin Boulder, CO - Mar 13, 2016 @Healthgrades

Dr. Ian Hollaman is a functional medicine provider in Boulder, he and his wife Dr. Karen Hollaman both practice out of their office in Boulder, Co. You can read more about Dr. Hollaman on the company's About Us page. This site is not affiliated with Red Tail Health Wellness Centers. The site was created in an effort to share research found online while researching Red Tail Wellness Centers.

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Please share your story or experience with Red Tail Wellness Centers here. We will make sure to share your post so that other potential patients can know your experience. We know that there are some success stories, but it was important for to see all of the reviews before making a decision as to whether or not I wanted to trust Red Tail Wellness with my health.

What is Red Tail Wellness Centers?

According to their site, Red Tail Wellness Centers is a clinic for functional medicine. Ultimately they help patients reduce or get rid of prescription drugs altogether. This according to their "About Us" page. I came across this practice during my research for a functional medicine provider and I was amazed at what I found online as I continued to research this practice.

Red Tail Wellness Health Grades

3.4 Stars at Health Grades

Starting at Health Grades, Red Tail Wellness has a 3.4 star rating out of 5 total reviews. There are two positive reviews within two weeks of each other and then two very negative reviews that say the same thing, "This guy is all about making money" and "More concerned about sales than patient care."

You can click the image above to visit Red Tail Wellness' profile page on Health Grades

Dr. Ian Hollaman is certified in functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine, it would seem from his resume on Linkedin that he has been a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner since 2011.

Red Tail Wellness Reviews

It started with some advertisements in my local paper for some speaking engagements that Dr. Ian Hollaman was having. Before I do anything I really like to do my research. As a matter of fact the first review that I read on Health Grades recommends, "Please do your homework". So given that advice from someone that had just been to Red Tail Wellness last year, I figured that I would do my research. After everything that I found, I felt it would be best to share all of my research here for Red Tail Wellness reviews. What I have found has definitely convinced me that there are probably better options than Red Tail Wellness for me. I hate having to ready all through a bunch of pages to get to the conclusion, so here it is upfront. I have found better options for functional medicine in Denver, in my opinion and I will be going there. Please do read on through the site and find out why I made this decision.

Due Diligence on Red Tail Wellness

I began by searching for "red tail wellness" and on the 1st page of Google I have several sites with Red Tail Wellness reviews. I started here. The reviews are mostly from patients but there is a site that is also reviewing Red Tail Wellness from an employment perspective as well. I chose to begin with Health Grades. You can see the search engine results below as I put in a screenshot.

The first review here at Health Grades, gives a 1 star review from Nov, 2019. It states that the treatments are "expensive and the staff seems to turn over regularly". Then the next negative review from 2016 says the same thing about money. According to these reviews, it would seem that Red Tail Wellness is a sales driven organization more than a genuine health care provider.

Of course two reviews are not conclusive, these could just be patients that were upset and found a place to vent. After all, how upset would you be if you paid for a service and it did not work for you? There are many good reviews in other places for Red Tail Wellness. So, we cannot stop here. That would be unfair. The purpose of this research was not to just beat up Red Tail Wellness Centers. Remember, I was researching this company as a solution for my own health needs. As I found out more about this practice, I could not help but share everything that I found.

When reading through the positive reviews, isn't it odd that they both happen right within two weeks of each other? When I scan reviews, I am always on the look out for fake reviews. Reviews that were placed there by someone other than a real patient or customer. Oftentimes I will find companies seem to almost panic when they have a negative review. They either they start begging customers for reviews or they just complete a couple of positive reviews themselves.

I cannot realistically state that these are fake reviews, I don't know. They just look funny and considering other reviews I have read online and the responses from Dr. Hollaman, it seems odd that these positive reviews were right within a couple of weeks of each other. This site only has 4 reviews over the last 4 years. Just seems odd.

All reviews found and discussed are cited (linked to) for all of the information presented. This is really a compilation of reviews found online. If you find a mistake, please make sure to contact us on our "contact us" page. There you can complete our contact form and notify us of any issues you find on the site. We definitely want to cite the correct resources and do not want to publish any misinformation to the best of our ability.

When you search for "Red Tail Wellness" there are a mixed handbag of sites that show up on the first page of the search results. It starts with Yelp and rating of 3.5 for 18 reviews. Seems awfully low considering the amount of reviews. So, next stop... Yelp. You can read about Red Tail Wellness Yelp Reviews on this page. Here we will go into great detail about the published reviews on Yelp and then there are the "unpublished" reviews. You can also view Red Tail Wellness' Yelp page directly here.

Why does this site exist?

Quite simply, it would seem that this practice charges a great deal of money for their services and that could mean one of two things. They are fantastic at what they do or... not. As I completed my research on whether or not I wanted to work with Red Tail Wellness I started finding more and more information that definitely influenced my opinion and I felt that others considering Red Tail Wellness would want to see what I found. Here, all of the information we have found buried in Google and other online sources has been put in one easy to navigate site. We hope this helps you in making your decision. While searching for a provider, we consolidated our research into this site. Hopefully you find this useful in making a decision.

Red Tail Wellness Centers Yelp Reviews 3.5 Stars Out of 5

Only 18 Reviews for Red Tail Wellness

With only 18 published reviews, Red Tail Wellness Centers has a 3.5 star rating. This does not include 26 reviews that have been left on Yelp but are "not currently recommended". Many of these reviews that have been placed as "not recommended" are 5 star reviews from reviewers that don't seem to have much history leaving reviews. For whatever reason, they have been filtered out of the profile page for Red Tail Wellness Centers.

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Red Tail Wellness on Rip Off Report

Our team most recently found a review deep down in the search engine results for Red Tail Wellness. Click here to learn more about Red Tail Wellness Rip Off Report here. You can also visit the page directly here. The last thing any business would want is to be reported to Rip Off Report. Rip Off Report is a consumer advocacy site and it is for those consumers who are at their last attempt to try and work things out. It is a battleground giving voice to patients, customers and all consumers in general.

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