Red Refuge

Hard Mode Guide

Where's Normal Mode Guide?

Normal mode doesn't need a guide since it's easy to do it blindly. Hard mode needs a bit more explanations and I only have time to make a hard mode guide.

Item Level & Difficulty

Normal mode is a 3-star difficulty 439 item level. Hard mode is a 4-star difficulty 446 item level. This dungeon is equivalent to Thaumetal Refinery.

Why are the video clips in Korean?

Cause I started on making this guide way before it was released on NA server that I'm playing on and I don't feel like going back and redo all the video clips in English.

This dungeon guide sucks

You are correct that I didn't put much effort into this because Antaroth's Abyss (releases in June 2018) will pretty much make this dungeon obsolete. But take a look at someone else's work and see if they explained a mechanic much clearer compared to here.

Possible top stats for Onset Mask (new face slot equipment)

  1. Crit Power +0.04
  2. Power +4
  3. Crit Factor +9
  4. Cooldown Reduction 2.4%

Bottom stat will always be Endurance +2.

Low drop in Red Refuge Hard Mode last boss.

Are there better masks?

  1. Crit Power +0.06
  2. Power +6
  3. Crit Factor +12
  4. Cooldown Reduction 3%

Bottom stat will always be Endurance +3.

The Infinity Mask comes from the next dungeon Antaroth's Abyss HM.

Mask has sale value of 10k gold!!??

Yes, meaning that if you roll and win a spare mask that you won't use, you can at least sell it to the merchant for 10,000 gold. Here's what the outcome could happen with these masks:

  1. See who needs the mask and if it drops on last boss, then they roll against each other. Bring this to attention before you burn your entry.
  2. The mask did drop but it's the version that nobody wants so either FFA roll where one lucky person can get 10k gold or sell/split where each player gets 2k gold.
  3. Using IMS and LFG may be questionable on fairness since it has selling value of 10k gold regardless if the mask that drops is what you needed.
  4. I believe the battleground boxes has the mask as well.