We gather, with our brothers and sisters of other Christian traditions, on Sunday, the Lord’s Day, in recognition of Jesus’ resurrection. To find out more about how we worship at Redeemer, check out our worship opportunities page. Worship is at the center of all we do together, and it grounded in the Lutheran understanding of Word and Sacrament.

God offers and bestows his grace on human beings through the Means of Grace. According to Holy Scripture, these means are the Word and the Sacraments (Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.) The Lord has entrusted to the Church the use of the Means of Grace through the proclamation of the Word and administration of the Sacraments.

The Word is God's revelation of himself in Holy Scripture. There God has deposited the revelation of his being, will, and activity with the purpose of bringing sinful human beings to repentance and faith, and to affect in people the functions of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Word becomes the guide and support for our life in Christ.

Holy Baptism is the primary sacrament of the church, the initiation into the body of Christ, the Church. In the waters of baptism, we are cleansed from sin and claimed by God. God is not somewhere else in this sacrament, but God is present, forgiving and renewing his sons and daughters for new life in Christ. Because baptism is an act of God’s grace which comes to us freely, we baptize both children and adults. We also understand that although we are baptized only once, the baptismal life is one that we are called to live everyday, a daily process of dying to sin and being raised to new life in Christ. Baptismal life is discipleship. Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.” As a discipling church, we take seriously the vital connection of baptism with our everyday life of Christian discipleship.

Holy Communion (or the Eucharist) is celebrated every other Sunday at Redeemer. In this holy meal, our Lord’s body and blood are offered to those who partake to forgive sins and to strengthen faith.

Holy Communion is offered to all who see in this meal the real presence of our Lord Jesus in the bread and wine. We welcome all baptized Christians—of whatever tradition—to the Lord’s table to celebrate this meal of redemption.