Red River North

Tour Guide

Manitoba's Red River North area includes:

  • RM of St. Andrews
  • RM of St. Clements
  • RM of East St. Paul
  • RM of West St. Paul
  • City of Selkirk

This guide/map is intended to target mobile users to assist with finding and following routes and points of interest in the Red River North area between Manitoba Highway 101 (Perimeter Highway) and Lake Winnipeg. In addition to roadway routes, hiking trails (including the Trans Canada Trail), canoe routes, popular fishing spots, winter ski locations, and beaches are featured. Geocache and heritage information is also included. This guide is an on-going work but updates will be shown automatically whenever you open this web link to the guide: Red River North Tour Guide. Or, browser search for “Red River North Tour Guide” and select. Save the link as one of your favorites!

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