Shopping and Support

There are several ways to support Recycled Carpentry, none at a cost on your side.

Online shopping

Please consider doing your online shopping via the following links (additional links are provided at the bottom of this page):

Alternatively, you may wish to shop for recycled furniture or woodworking tools.

These links will not affect your experience or prices, and the seller provides a small revenue to this project if you purchase a (any) product. At least 10% of the revenue will go to charity, so your support goes beyond this project.

Notice: The revenue applies to products you buy after clicking the above links and searching a product on your own. If you click on the seller's promotions ("People also bought..." / "You may also be interested in..."), no revenue is provided.

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Add links

Add links from your webpages to the home page of this project. This will bring here additional visitors that may consider supporting this project. If your website serves a good purpose and you wish me to link back to your website, let me know.

A new home for unneeded tools

You or someone else you know are about to throw away some useful carpentry tools? Have some tools that you do not need? Let me put them to good use! In particular, I am in need of the following products (dream list):

  1. Pipe clamps, indeed, all types of clamps would be useful, including, for example, corner clamps or a vise.
  2. Table saw (not the huge ones designed for carpentries, my room is limited, unfortunately).
  3. (I'm being carried away...) A mini lathe.
  4. Any useful woodworking tool.

Leftover materials (wood glue, lacquer/varnish, etc.) may also be useful. Contact me if you can contribute something.

Have your own idea?

Let me know if you can figure additional ways to support this project.

Thanks for your support!


Need additional links?

Let me know if you wish to use another shopping site, and I'll add it here. Here are the links requested thus far:

eBay (AU)