Flexible Packaging jobs and careers

Packaging Recruiters Seek Candidates for Many Positions at a Variety of Companies

With flexible packaging being increasingly in demand by product manufacturers, a Packaging Recruiter typically has many available jobs in this sector for qualified candidates. Producers of flexible packaging seek experienced, highly capable and motivated men and women to fill positions that have opened as workers progress in their careers. A broad range of jobs are available at any time, from graphic design to engineers to various positions in management.

Examples of Positions

Men and women can pursue Flexible Packaging jobs and careers in an office setting or on the floor of a manufacturing plant. A company might be looking for a plant superintendent or manager, for example. Another is looking for a customer service manager and seasoned sales representatives. There may be supervisory positions open in printing and pre-press. Research and development in constructing new types of packages or testing organic materials for the containers also are possibilities. Graphic designers are needed to create eye-catching, compelling wraps for products.

Types of Containers

A company might focus on producing packaging of just one or two types, or a variety. In addition to flexible items like wraps and films, containers can be designed as cardboard boxes, fold-up cartons, paper and plastic cups, and many others. Recruiters with an agency like Delta Diversified may have positions available in all these kinds of organizations.

Changes in Packaging

Adults generally can remember changes in packaging and the development of new containers that have taken place over the years. For instance, cardboard and glass milk containers used to be standard, but there was a significant shift toward plastic at some point. Now, most milk products come in plastic jugs and bottles. However, many non-dairy beverages sold with the name "milk" come in cardboard containers. Examples include soy and almond milk.

Egg cartons have changed too, and recruiters may be looking for qualified candidates who can help modify these containers even further. Years ago, all egg cartons were made of a cardboard material, but many now are a type of polystyrene foam or plastic. Not everyone is happy about this change since those materials are not biodegradable. Some egg producers still rely on cardboard as a more environmentally friendly option.