11: Autism

C15: Autism

Do I have a cure for Autism?

Unfortunately, I don't, but I do have some suggestions that may help improve autistic behaviour and learning. This is totally derived from my research or survey of about 400 responders. Let's get right to it.

What I did find out from my research is that there is a significant relationship between autism, ADHD, and other major learning disabilities, with the practice of sleeping with the head (breathing) totally or almost totally restricted by being under the covers.

If you have already been reading up on ASD, you have learned that a significant number of ASD children have sleeping disorders, by as much as 80%. There is a relationship.

When I did my research on Alzheimer's disease, I also studied Multiple Sclerosis and learning disorders including ASD. What I found is that only about 20% of the healthy population practices sleeping fully or partially under the covers. It was only about 10% for those that slept fully under the covers. When I queried those who had a learning disability such as ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, etc., the percentage jumped up to about 75%. That is significant.

So what do I suggest? As a parent, you need to end this behaviour in your child, and possibly in yourself as they might have learned it from you. You have to be your own researcher. Make a small graph relating your child's sleeping behaviour with that of their behavior and learning. I'm confident that you will find an improvement in both their behavior and in their success at learning. And share your results with the ASD community.

Will it reduce my child's seizures, if they are having them? Possibly.

One thing you may not know is that there is a significant relationship between autism, ADHD, and other learning disabilities, with that of Multiple Sclerosis. Changing that sleeping behaviour may significantly reduce that occurring. There's no data on this, but I'm confident that if you and your child deliberately stop the practice of sleeping with the head under the covers, you will significantly reduce the possibility of suffering MS later in life.

But it doesn't stop there. There is also a very recognized relationship between learning disabilities including autism, with that of suffering Alzheimer's disease. Yup. From my research, I determined that about 13-15% of all cases of Alzheimer's disease are caused by individuals who practice sleeping while their head and breathing are partially or fully under the covers. So, mom and dad, stop that practice too.

And for moms who are pregnant or who are thinking about becoming pregnant, stop that practice of sleeping with breathing under the covers. It is my belief that this practice may be one of the significant causes of autism in the first place.

You may also be interested in my theories on SIDS, and their relationship to autism, and how to avoid these tragedies in my other pages on SIDS. You might be most interested in how to avoid SIDS and other outcomes by browsing to this page.

You can read more about Multiple Sclerosis here, or Alzheimer's here.

Now let's jump to what may cause autism (and with that I include ADHD, dyslexia, OCD, and other lesser learning disabilities).

Do I believe that autism is caused by genetics?

No! Researchers are trying to find a link, but so far I believe that link appears extremely weak. I know what you are saying, "What about the fact that if one identical twin has autism, there will be a 75% chance of the other twin will also have autism. Doesn't this clearly suggest that autism has its roots in genetics, as identical twin share the same DNA?" Not necessarily. That argument is not definitive. The reason I believe for this statistic is that about 75% of identical twins share the same placenta. This poses a significant risk to both fetuses. If that placenta becomes compromised in any way, both fetuses may have their supply of oxygen compromised, and it is this loss of oxygen to both twins that may result in autism, or perhaps other outcomes to both. Also, about one percent of identical twins share the same amniotic sac. Any complications to the amniotic sac could be shared by both twins. In my opinion, autism is significantly caused by complications of pregnancy, not DNA. If you want to understand more of my theory of why the identical twin argument doesn't tell the whole story, jump to my chapter on The Twins Misdirection.

Do I believe that the accidental restriction to breathing by an infant is the only cause of autism?

Definitely not.

I believe that it is the interruption of access to oxygen that occurs to the fetus before birth (although this can also occur during a difficult birth) that results in most of the cases of autism. One quick way to look at these conditions is to look up the reasons for the recommendations for having a cesarean section. Many of these relate to complications whereby the supply of oxygen may be compromised, such as placental abruption (the placenta separates from the uterine wall), situations when pressure can be put on the umbilical cord, and other complications. The situation whereby accidental restriction to breathing by an infant after birth that can lead to autism (and other undesirable outcomes) is depleted rebreathing.

I believe that depleted rebreathing is a significant cause of autism. Depleted rebreathing is where an individual, or a infant, breathes the same air over and over, to the point that there is a depletion of oxygen, while there is an accumulation of carbon dioxide. This can occur two ways: the first is where an infant, while sleeping, breathes into bedding or soft fluffy toy, such that there is restricted access to fresh air. The second is when an individual sleeps with their head under the covers, and in a like manner, uses up the supply of oxygen in this microenvironment. While I believe that both lead to some neurological damage, I believe that the first, where an infant accidentally has their breathing restricted, is when an infant can suffer autism. The second with regards to sleeping under the covers, only exacerbates learning, but can also lead to Alzheimer's disease and more. You can read more about these in other chapters, especially its relationship to SIDS here.

How many cases of autism occur before birth, and how many after birth? There is no data on this, but I believe that about 85% occur before birth, while maybe 15% occur shortly after birth through depleted rebreathing. However, knowing how autism can occur, you should be able to find ways to avoid this happening. Suggestions are made in other chapters of this site related to avoiding accidental depleted rebreathing by an infant. This will also avoid a SIDS death or other learning disabilities, including ADHD. Your doctor and many sites online can give you important suggestions with regard to having a healthy pregnancy: what drugs to avoid, what physical activities to avoid, what foods are healthy. But I have to add, if pregnant, never sleep with your head under the covers. A pregnant woman would not only be depriving herself of oxygen but also to her fetus. There's more on that in other chapters.

What about the role of cesarean section births? There has been found an increase of 21% in autism cases due to cesarean sections. Don't over read this number. Of 1000 births there could be about 300 by c-sections, depending on country and culture. Because autism occurs at about 1% overall, of the 700 vaginal births there might be 7 cases of autism. Of the c-section births, there would be about 1.21% cases of autism, resulting in 3.63 cases of autism. That's' an increase of only .63 autistic births per 1000 births, less than 1 per thousand births, a very small number. If I've done the math right there's not much to be concerned about. Don't overread this stat, as I would not want any mother to avoid a necessary c-section thinking that a c-section could cause autism. Having a c-section may actually be reducing the possibility of autism.

There are two very important facts we can take from this. Please don't think that having a cesarean section will increase the chance of you having an autistic child. I don't believe that any c-section may cause an autistic birth. It was the condition of the pregnancy that required the c-section that may result in an autistic child. As above, there are many conditions whereby blood supply and oxygen supply can be compromised. It is these unfortunate conditions that may cause autism. Therefore I don't believe that anyone should avoid a c-section thinking that they will be avoiding an autistic birth. It's unlikely that any c-section causes autism. The c-section may very well terminate a condition that was leading to an autistic outcome. C-sections may be slightly reducing the chance of autistic births. That is my opinion.

Secondly, these c-section births point to the fact that autism occurs because of an accidental physical condition at the time of birth; before, during and perhaps slightly after birth. Most of these I believe are before birth.

Do I believe that autism is caused by vaccines administered to infants? Absolutely not. There is no statistical evidence that there is a relationship, and there is no logical medical reason that a vaccine should result in autism. This movement is based on false data from years ago and ramped up by some popular personalities who have not studied the issue clearly. The only fact is that the vaccinations come after birth and usually before many diagnoses of autism. The timing is noticeable, as the diagnosis of autism often come soon after vaccinations. But that is just a coincidence. Vaccines should cause no harm as long as the parents guard that their baby's breathing is never compromised in any way. Since most MMR's occur at or just after their first birthday, this may also reduce any chance that the vaccine has anything to do with a SIDS death, as these usually occur before one year of age.

When you consider what I have explained above, that autism is caused by complications of birth: before, during, and perhaps a few just past birth, then you have to realize that vaccines really can't cause autism because it has already occurred. And the short piece above concerning c-sections, clearly point to the fact that those cases definitely were caused before birth. If they're caused before birth, then those who have it by the time they get their vaccination, can't get it...they already have it.

Much more concerning autism and other outcomes, such as ADHD, can be read here.

Please share this page with anyone who you believe may benefit from its ideas.

I have no product to sell, only offering some easy advice and some hope:

1. Always sleep with continual access to fresh air, never sleeping with the head under the covers.

2. Sleeping disorders and learning disorders often go together. Make sure your child is getting a full nights sleep. Avoid anything caffeinated in the evening, and restrict screen time to computer and iPads etc., preferably reading before bed.

3. Don't give up trying to teach new behaviours, skills, and knowledge. The brain is very malleable. Some things just take a lot longer to learn.

Please let me know whether this information was useful to you. Thanks.

Barry Stanley