Work Experience

Data Courier & Environment Release Manager, 2021

  • Epic Certified Data Courier Administrator

Information Security Project Manager, 2018 - 2021

Manage the initiation/planning/execution/maintenance of security programs. Includes project management, risk analysis, ongoing security audits, vendor/budget management, testing, and continuous monitoring/improvement of technology upgrades and service delivery.

Security Gap Assessment Lead: Wrote and led project SOW, charter, project plan, and tracking methodology for vendor assessment of 48 individual and varied affiliates. Used prior project data to forecast roadblocks and prepare remediation. Ensured successful completion of all tasks and reported results up to project stakeholders and C-suite executives.

Service Manager: Proofpoint (formerly Wombat) Security Awareness & Training: Consult and administer PSAT services to affiliates, custom workflows, data analytics, and leadership management

InfoSec Conference: Coordinated logistics & curated content for two nationwide non-profit health organizations InfoSec Conference with over 200 attendees from 30+ non-profit health organizations and partners. 1/2019, 11/2019.

IT Project Manager, 2012 - 2018

As the only in-house technology staff, supported level 1-3 tickets for 7 health centers, and acted as primary contact and manager of Managed Service Provider & ISP. Consulted on all things tech across the departments of abortion services, family planning, development, volunteer management, education, and outreach.

Electronic Medical Records: Co-designed electronic medical record workflow for maximum efficiency while ensuring alignment with medical protocols and ability to produce robust data analytics. Created online training resources; e.g. ,Google Sites with Camtasia workflow videos for all healthcare audiences from phone room to doctor

Digitizing the Org: Created technology systems such as concise ticketing for build metrics, online resource portals for remote health centers, change management system and documentation process, policy & procedure (medical, technological, security, dr/bc) standardization and improvement, onboarding and offboarding systems

HIV Prevention & Risk Reduction Program Care No Matter Where: Co-authored HPI grant for funding a new HIV outreach testing program, partnering with Aids Free Pittsburgh. Created physical processes and systems, compliance with PPFA & local regulatory bodies in multiple counties, and custom EMR workflow designed for efficiency, reducing errors, and collecting data.

Medical Management Committee: Oversaw clinical staff standards & management. Trained new hires in patient care, counseling, electronic medical record documentation, laboratory procedures, risk & quality management tasks, and improved patient care and technology workflows for all offices at PPWP.


Information Security Concepts

  • Risk Management

  • Strong Authentication

  • Advanced Endpoints

  • MSSP

  • Security Risk Assessments

  • Vulnerability Management

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security,

  • Workforce Security Awareness & Training

Other Skills

  • Drafting & negotiating statements of work with security vendors

  • HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures

  • Mapping workforce policies to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Org-wide Admin

  • Okta- IAM & SSO Solution

  • Igloo Software- Internal Intranet

  • BlueJeans- Videoconferencing

  • Asana- Project Management

  • Proofpoint Security Training & Awareness- deployed & managed at 10 organizations

  • GSuite- Email, Docs, Drive, Sites

  • NextGen EMR & EPM- workflows, upgrades, maintenance, reporting

  • Active Directory

  • Jira

Program Knowledge

  • Epic Data Courier Administrator

  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides,

  • Tableau

  • Camtasia Video Editing

  • Lucid Charts

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Data Studio

  • Adobe Illustrator

Feedback & Accolades

  • "Rebecca is constantly impressing me with her ability to zero in on detail when necessary, and zoom out for big picture to keep disparate elements of any project aligned. Her tact and authenticity with personnel at every hierarchical level of position is commendable and an inspiration."

  • "Rebecca has worked on logistically challenging issues and initiatives with tons of stakeholders, churning through sometimes laborious work and constant changes (and lots of cat herding). She consistently gets great feedback from TAC [ an executive and CIO technology advisory committee] and our Affiliate partners on the work she's doing."

  • "Rebecca's long hours and attention to detail made the November 2019 InfoSec Conference a screaming success and the best ever according to the post conference attendee survey. Thank you for pushing through all of the last minute changes and for finding us a wonderful location. You kept things on track and moving along. Superb job."

  • "An unstoppable, unshakable absolute unit who absolutely nailed the Information Security Conference and did everything correctly and the thing went off without a hitch. It didn't leave anyone dissatisfied--it made them want MORE. Your persistence, your attention to detail, your management, everything came together flawlessly. THANK YOU."

  • "Pulls together all of our programs' information and to tell our story to stakeholders. Keeps the Affiliate Tracker working ;)"

  • "Rebecca has been driving the vendor selection for a new security awareness vendor. She has taken last minute feedback and redirects with grace and without losing momentum. Thank you for zigging and zagging!"


Prototype Pgh Board Member
Prototype supports gender & racial equity in tech and entrepreneurship
Board Member, Finance Committee, Security Consult

Community Garden Member
At Lawrenceville Community Garden

Move, Yinz! Cofounder ‘16-’17
Volunteer-run org for equitable health and wellness in Pgh.
Donation-only classes ranged from yoga to self-defense and gardening. Several hundred individuals attended class during the active two years





Eleanor, aka Rescue Norie

Building Miniatures



Travel- Taj Mahal

Travel- Rio de Janeiro

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