Major Reasons for Bad Breath

Mouth is the busiest part of any human body. We eat, drink, swallow and breathe using our mouths. When we talk or interact with any one, our mouths have to be there to give us the ability to convey message. While eating, drinking and swallowing may not have to do anything with the bad breath but it surely has to do a lot with this odor when it comes to talking and other social interactions. Apart from the embarrassment, bad bread breath is surely a sign of something wrong happening in the oral cavity. Sometimes, it can point at severe oral infections which can also be fatal. Therefore, it would be quite unwise to ignore this major sign.

What we are here to talk about are the reasons for bad breath. So, let’s discuss them briefly.


It is a well-known fact that bad breath is only the sign of infection being accumulated somewhere in the oral cavity. And infection is usually caused by bad bacteria. So, you need to keep it in mind that real culprit behind bad breath has to be the bacteria. There are many reasons for the bad bacteria to flourish in the mouth. The top reason is dietary intake. When we eat foods, we get the food remnants left inside our mouths. Those food remnants are basically what bacteria feed on. When they consume those particles, they release acids. These acids react with certain areas of the mouth and cause bad smell to generate.

Nevertheless, there are always the ways you can get rid of this situation. Brushing, flossing and tongue scrapping are the ideal ways to get rid of the bad breath.


It isn’t a rocket science to figure out the role of certain foods in causing bad breath. For instance, when you eat garlic with onion, you can expect your breath to be felt as something pretty far from pleasant. Furthermore, staying hungry for too long or having low-carb diet can also result in bad breath but it’s something which is less dangerous. The general phenomenon of food consumption in the body is that is has to become the part of blood. And then the bad part of it is cleaned and exhaled through lungs. It can also cause bad breath.

Dry mouth

We all know about the bad taste in mouth when it runs dry. The reason is that a hydrated mouth helps in washing away bad bacteria which keeps generating the entire time. When the mouth is dried out, bacteria are not washed away. As a result, the bad breath is more likely to occur.