Top Reasons for Bad Breath

The major reason for bad breath is the existence of germs and foods particles which get trapped in certain areas of oral cavity and cause the release of an odor. This odor can be unbearable for the other people during conversations. Now, most of the people don’t even realize about their bad breath due to the issue’s social stigma which keeps close ones from mentioning the problem.

So, if you wonder about the reason for bad breath, there is no single one. Diagnosing and treating this issue can be specifically difficult because there are certain areas in the oral cavity that can result in bad breath.

Mouth germs and bad breath

Bad breath due to germs is usually caused by accumulation of germs which get settled in the plaque and cause foul breath. The metabolism of these germs is carried out with the help of food particles. As a result, volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) are produced. These compounds are composed of elements which are known to add odor to the breath released from the mouth. Certain oral appliances such as retainers and dentures can also harbor such germs. In order to prevent and/or get rid of the bad breath, one needs to ensure better oral hygiene at home. This can be done with the help of effective brushing and flossing regularly.

Bad breath can also occur due to infections in the mouth. The main reason infection causes bad breath is that oral bacteria find their grounds to enhance their functionality. It works in two ways. Bacteria result in infection and then infection promotes development of even more bacteria.

Tongue is the home to most of the bacteria in the mouth. There are many tiny papillae present in the tongue that serve as breeding home to bacteria. Effective cleaning of tongue can help in the good riddance of bacteria.

Bad breath and food consumption

There are certain types of foods that can result in bad breath. Such foods release odor upon digestion. These foods mainly include garlic, onions, spicy compounds and coffee. Since this problem cannot be classified as the medical condition, you can use scent masking methods, such as use of sugar free gums and mouth wash, to freshen up your breath.

Bad breath due to medical conditions

Sometimes, you might suffer from xerostomia which is a condition involving lack of saliva production in the mouth. Saliva is needed because it helps in washing away of food debris, dead cells and bacteria. There are certain conditions which can result in dry mouth. Some of those conditions include mouth breathing, medications, and certain illnesses which can result in inhabitance of saliva production.

There are certain conditions related to stomach that can result in bad breath. Such conditions include heartburn, acid reflux, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and gas. These are the conditions you can get treated for by your medical doctor but your dentist may also be able to help you in diagnosis.