Debt Weather is a mobile app to help users pay off debt by visually seeing the velocity of spending or paying down debt in real-time. Showing interest on debt accruing in real-time to the 100th of a penny is our feature that no other personal finance/budgeting software is providing. Visually displaying the velocity of their debt similar to the U.S. national debt clock, doing so will allow people to see a moving number instead of a static monthly balance sheet.

We want to bring the disconnect in finance literacy to the surface and in your face; an example is that banks and credit cards want you to think and pay monthly but are charging you daily compound interest. By displaying debt in real-time users can make on the spot decision on the true cost of spending now versus paying down debt.

Team Real-time

Co-founder: Kong Kham

Biz dev, Graphic designer, iOS developer, Full stack web developer

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Co-founder: Lyndon Labayan

Android developer, UI/UX, Web app developer

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