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3b. Check the Competition For Your Keywords on Squidoo (or Zazzle, or whichever domain you're using)

Google often returns only two to four webpages per domain in its default results. That means that only 2-4 Squidoo lenses will appear in Google's listings for each search. Other lenses using the phrase will be indexed, but you must click "Show more results from" to see them. (For example, Google "Squidoo SEO").

Therefore, you'll have a better chance of your lens ranking in Google if no other Squidoo lenses have optimized for your keyword. Here's how to check.

1. Google search: your keyword

2. Check this URL: your keyword

You can sometimes beat another Squidoo lens with your awesome SEO skills, but it's easier to avoid the problem and pick a different keyword.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

How (and Where) to Use Your Keywords

So, you've found a great keyword phrase that's got decent search traffic, but not too much competition. So how do you use that keyword?

Search engines list pages in order of "relevance." They determine "relevance" by giving special weight to certain parts of each webpage: the URL, page title, headers, images, and links.

Optimize your Squidoo lens by weaving your keyword into those parts of your lens. Don't repeat yourself too much! Vary the phrase. Use singulars and plurals. Combine the phrase with other words ("Now Charlie the Squid will show us what's in a hot dog") to make the repetition less obvious and annoying to human readers. Use synonyms.

Where To Use Your Keywords: An SEO Checklist

The most important places to use your keyword are the URL (separate words with dashes, like this: whats-in-a-hot-dog) and the lens/webpage title.

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