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Build a Bug Out Bag or Buy One?

BOB Step One

Construct a Bug Out Bag or Purchase One? What is the Worst Aspect of Deciding to Build a bug out bag list? Besides the price, it has to be the quantity of time you have to spend researching items which you need to include and the caliber of those items.

BOB Step Two

What the Hell do I put to it? This step requires one Googling "bug out bag" and weeding throughout the hundreds of things that every list asserts that you need to have to construct a bug out bag.

BOB Step Three

Information Overload. What's the ideal knife for the price? Which backpacks hold up the longest? Water filters, virus vs bacteria? Or, you could just follow the recommendations in the websites that have the "bug out bag listings", but you know from the back of mind that they're getting compensated big-bucks for pimping from the items which they recommend. So, are such REALLY the very best things, could save money by purchasing another brand?

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Step Four

Realization. Alright, it is going to be a bigger job to build a bug out bag than I thought, let's consider pre-made bugout bags. This usually direct you to Amazon or Ebay, where there are $300 kits that are full of stuff from China, or $2500 kits that a dude is constructing in his or her garage.

Step Five:

Locate America's best selling, best backed and best made bugout bags. Period. We have been building bug out bags since 2008. We know which items which you do not need to overspend, and items you want to invest a bit more in. We actually do assemble America's best bug out bags, it is not just a slogan.

It's your decision which way to go. On the other hand, truth be told, we could sell complete bug out bags cheaper than you can construct one, yes even in Walmart and Amazon. We purchase quality items in bulk and if you add up the cost of all of the items that are included in our luggage, you are saving around 20%.

What Is a B.O.B. List?

A bug out bag, BOB, go-pack or whatever you call it's one major purpose -- contain all you will need to survive a considerable emergency, such as flood, hurricane, or large-scale terrorist attack -- and make it possible to carry this material as far as required to get to safety.

In other words, a bug out bag could save your life, but to do that you need to construct a bug out bag with the ideal gear, with the ideal quality, in the right combination of usability and weight. That means a fantastic BOB isn't simple.

It may contain several hundred individual things, each of which ought to serve a relevant, prioritized survival goal, and be good enough to do the job under difficult and stressful circumstances.

You could already be getting the idea that building a fantastic bug out bag takes a whole lot of time, requires a lot of experience, and can be an exercise in judgment. Every single bit of a bug out bag should be inspected for relevance, durability, weight-size, and usability. Building the bag also entails adapting the list of things for the most likely circumstances (for example, climate and terrain) and prioritizing the materials for selection.

Please take a couple minutes to answer a few questions about your preferences when it comes to bug out bags.

The survey below is meant only for our information purposes.

Again, these are judgment calls, which can be best when based on expertise. People who are confident they are able to properly make these kinds of judgments are already so seasoned; they simply assume they should construct a bug out bag rather than purchasing one.

Is It Less Expensive to Put Together a Bug Out Bag?

Then there's the perennial argument that it's less expensive to construct your own bug out bag. The reality is, it could be. Like most things in the D-I-Y world, it looks less costly if you don't factor in your own time.

If constructing a BOB is partially a pastime, and you do not mind spending hours scrounging through hardware stores, shopping on the internet, and doing a great deal of research -- then your own time isn't part of the price tag, you need to construct a bug out bag list from scratch.

Otherwise, building a great bug out bag may surprise you with how much time and money it requires, especially if you're not that familiar with the equipment and its usage.

We do not need to look like we're stacking the deck in favor of Purchasing pre-loaded bug out bags as opposed to someone who wants to Construct a bug out bag, however there are some very practical points in favor of that approach:

* Purchasing your items at a time (online) likely requires extra shipping costs.

* As for shipping costs, running around in your own vehicle for BOB items isn't free.

* Retailers of BOBs, such as Survivalist 101, purchase things in bulk for discounts, do not assume their cost in a pre-loaded bag is way above what you'd pay yourself.

* Things in a pre-loaded tote are guaranteed fresh, fresh, and willing to go.

* Ready to go is the key phrase, a pre-loaded bag isn't missing some pieces just when an emergency strikes.

* Pre-loaded bug out bags may not have everything, private taste and scenarios apply. You always have the option to get technical kits or plugins (such as medical supplies) to compliment what is already in the bag.

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The Advantages of Buying a Pre-Built B.O.B.

The big kicker in favor of buying a pre-loaded bag instead of taking the opportunity to build out a bug bag remains in the preparation by specialists.

If you purchase from a merchant that specializes in survival equipment, and more importantly, highlights individuals who create the selection of what goes to a BOB are knowledgeable about the equipment and actually use it you can be pretty sure that what you are paying for is important, durable, the ideal weight-size combination, and usable.

Especially for your first bug out bag, it's both helpful and practical to start with one that already has "the right stuff." It's a platform you can learn from and build upon. We always recommend that you field check your BOB, get to know it and the process of traveling with your own life on your back. As you get experience, you're in a better place to construct some of your gear. It takes a ready-for-anything Ronny to be comfortable once the weather turns bad"

This applies, in spades to survival gear because states are almost inevitably going to be awful. Survival scenarios are inherently more severe than any recreational circumstance. That means bug out bags and their contents will need to be seriously selected for those ailments. That's what distinguishes buying pre-loaded bug out bags built by experienced people.

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