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Diamond Dragon Tarot Readings.

A little bit of information about the readings and how they work. The best way to describe the readings are as inter-dimensional mapquest. They let you know where you are at and what is to come. The future is subjective and the present (which is a gift) is forming it. Some things are fate and some things are up to us.

Vanessa connects to the clients highest self removing herself as much as she can and allowing a block of information to come through and spiritually translate through the cards.

To start a reading breathing deeply into the Heart Center Vanessa calls in our Archangels, Guides, Ancestors, Omnipresent, Higher Self and Inner child to name a few. An Angelic healing and clearing is led in the meditation. Deep Mother Earth Grounding and Father Sky Blessings are activated as Mother Father Lineage Karma programs of clearing are put in place. An activation program is started for the next 21 days for up to 3 months for the highest and best of all. This meditation clears away any energy that was blocking us, preparing us for the messages that lead us to our higher selves.

From then we go into the cards for our map to the future. Like a story line the tarot cards draw us the pictures to dig into the present and all its aspects seeing where we are doing good and where we need help.

Home Visits in Sarasota, Florida

(Homes, Hotels, Airbnb's)

In the Sarasota Area and Surrounding Beaches

(Lido Key, Longboat key, Siesta Key, etc).

Diamond Dragon Tarot Readings at your location

$300 per hour.

For groups of 2 - 4 people

Readings can be divided by 30 minute sessions per person.

Cafe Readings Lower Garden District New Orleans

(In Person)

In the Lower Garden District.

Beautiful location on Magazine Street.

Diamond Dragon Tarot Readings

$200 - 60 Minute Session.

$300 - 90 Minute Session.

$400 - 120 Minute Session.

Not available at this time.

Some dates may be available in February.

Dates to come.

Diamond Dragon Tarot Reading



$100 - 30 Minute Session.

$150 - 45 Minute Session.

$200 - 60 Minute Session.

$300 - 90 Minute Session.

$400 - 120 Minute Session.

Available by appointment.

Please text or email for appointments.


Diamond Dragon Healing


Chakra Clearing and Healing.

Working with the 1st order of Angels.

The Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.

Brain Stem Clearing and Neurological Balancing

This unique Healing System works on deep levels of the 4 bodies,

Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental.

Hip and Naval Alignments.

Clearing past traumas and

Karma Clearing with the Angels.

Karma Cord Cutting.

And much more.

Diamond Dragon Healing (Body)


$100 - 30 Minute Session.

$150 - 45 Minute Session.

$200 - 60 Minute Session.

$300 - 90 Minute Session.

Rainbow Dragon Meditation.


In this new world this new golden age we are creating everything in the present moment.

Our vibration, our state of attraction in the now is all we have.

Being deliberate intenders of our lives.

Rainbow Dragon Healing for Dream Manifestation.

These sessions will include Vibration talk (where you are at?)

Dream Mapping (where you want to be?)

Healing Elemental Guided Meditation with the Angels and Guides

(Feeling your way to where you want to be)


Healing spiritual recommendations.

Rainbow Dragon Healing (Mind)


$100 - 30 Minute Session.

Golden Triple Flame Activation

Gold, Diamond and Copper Light Activation.


Archangel Metatron

The Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ

This triple Light Activation brought in by Archangel Metatron, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. Comes from the Heavens through the sky to our Higher Chakras and to our Physical Charkras.

This leading edge activation brings in Gold, Diamond and Copper light bringing in new light codes and activation's to our four bodies. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

These sacred activation's downloaded directly from the Angelic Realms and brought in through multiple healing and meditations.

These activation is very helpful in clearing thought forms and old programming or processes our brain is used to mapping.

This is a silent healing distant experience. Once date and time is set up activation will begin at specified time.

Sleep time is best for rest and relaxation are part of the session.

Activation takes one hour and runs during the night and will continue until complete.

Golden Triple Light Activation


Chakra Clearing

Distant Silent Healing

(No Call)

One Hour Distant Silent Session


Community Shamanic Journey Circle


Lido Key Beach in Sarasota, FL

$22 per person

Dates to Come

For international calls we have

Whats App available and FB Messenger.

Email for information.

To set up an appointment please text or email us.