Tarot readings.

A little bit of information about the readings and how they work. The best way to describe the readings are as inter-dimensional mapquest. They let you know where you are at and what is to come. The future is subjective and the present (which is a gift) is forming it. Some things are fate and some things are up to us.

Vanessa connects to the clients highest self removing herself as much as she can and allowing a block of information to come through and spiritually translate through the cards.

To start a reading breathing deeply into the Heart Center Vanessa calls in our Archangels, Guides, Ancestors, Omnipresent, Higher Self and Inner child to name a few. An Angelic healing and clearing is led in the meditation. Deep Mother Earth Grounding and Father Sky Blessings are activated as Mother Father Lineage Karma programs of clearing are put in place. An activation program is started for the next 21 days for up to 3 months for the highest and best of all. This meditation clears away any energy that was blocking us, preparing us for the messages that lead us to our higher selves.

From then we go into the cards for our map to the future. Like a story line the tarot cards draw us the pictures to dig into the present and all its aspects seeing where we are doing good and where we need help.

Truly the Reading is a Guided Meditation, Karma Clearing, Family Lineage Clearing, Angelic Energy Healing, Cord Cutting, Chakra Clearing, Mother Earth Father Sky Grounding Meditation, Healing program for the next 3 months


Tarot Reading* with a Six Month Spread for the upcoming future.

Where we are going, what we need to know and how to get there.

Focus, Question, General or a mix of everything.

*At certain times when needed An Archangel Micheal Possession Clearing is performed at the beginning of the session. This clears heavy energies requiring extra help to remove.

Palm Reading Quickie

Quick Angelic Clearing

Palm Reading

(Palm Reading is like a Natal Chart. It's about you but not what is happening now.)

3 Card Nature Oracle Card Spread


One Question.

Diamond Dragon Healing

Chakra Clearing and Healing.

Working with the 1st order of Angels.

The Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.

Brain Stem Clearing and Neurological Balancing

This unique Healing System works on deep levels of the 4 bodies,

Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental.

Hip and Naval Alignments.

Clearing past traumas and

Karma Clearing with the Angels.

Karma Cord Cutting.

Usui and Rainbow Reiki Sessions and certification.

Shamanic Goddess Bachlerette Drumming Circlre

Shamanic guided journeys.

Deep Guided Meditations with the beat of one single Drum.

Leading us like a heartbeat down to our sacred homes.

To meet or Spirit Animals and Guides.

This Goddess Journey explores the Shamanic World to find our own answers.

Once you have the key you have the way in.

Vanessa leads these Journeys and Sacred Circles of Sisterhood.

For Small and Large groups.

Group Session takes 2 - 3 hours.

Full Moon Circles.

To set up an appointment please text or email us.