Hello All,

I wanted to share some recommendations. Everything I share is knowledge that has thought me so much and everything has made a big difference for me.

Merkaba Activation (short meditation)

Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael

Abraham Hicks - Ask and It is Given Audio book Law of Attraction

The Spirit Science Channel Great source of information with the Crystal Movie, Sacred Geometry Movie and Secret History of the World

How to create a crystal grid

Twin Flame Victory Prayer for calling in your Twin Flame

I Me Wed - For self love

Louise L Hay

Louise L Hay You Can Heal Your Life Audio Book

Heal your Life Louise Hay

Her first book was Heal Your Body if you are having health issues this is the place to start.

The You Can Heal You Life movie, book and audio book are a great tool to heal many aspects of our live.

The Celestine Prophecy was one of the first books about the changes happening on earth and our process in it i read. I always go back to the Celestine Prophecy. There have been additional books and insights added to the first book. This is where to start.

The Celestine Prophecy Audiobook

The Celestine Prophecy Movie

The Celestine Prophecy explained by Spirit Science

The Sedona Method - Welcoming and Letting Go of emotions. When emotions control your life this simple method will help you find the peace available to you at all times.

The Sedona Method Movie

The Sedona Method YouTube Channel

Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland is an interesting take on forces of the universe and how to work with them. I always skip the first chapter and go to the second chapter Pendulums which starts at 48 minutes. This chapter alone has helped me let go of so much unnecessary anguish.

Reality Transurfing Audiobook

Mantras and Japa are something I have come to love and incorporate in my daily practice. I am including the wiki page of mantras. I will follow up in the future with different mantras I use but use your intuition or google search to start.

Wiki Mantras

Hands on Healing:

When it comes to healing energies receiving a healing session from Rachel Collier is what i recommend. You can get more info on Rachel at Way Chill Life. Healing is the next step to connect to pure unconditional light to give to yourself and others. The healing arts have opened up doors for me that I am in awe of everyday. Rachel is my Soul Sister and Teacher. Rachel heals and teaches in person and by distance.

Patricia Anne Davis a Navajo Elder I was lucky enough to learn from.

Patricia's teachings are always with me. She thought me about living the loving way, win win decisions, healthy relationships and wealth. check her out at:

Native American Concepts Living the loving way

Anna Merkaba - For out of this world or cosmic teachings I listen to Anna.

Anna Merkaba YouTube Channel

Sacred Ascension Anna Merkaba


The Cosmic Path is my favorite Astrology Site with Ascended Galactic Astrology with weekly reports. I read them every week.

Kelley Rosano Youtube Channel is my favorite Astrology youtube channel with monthly astrology reports and moon reports.

Kelley Rosano - Astrologer Monthly videos and moon information videos

Kelley Rosano Astrologer

Christine Clemmer is amazing I highly recommend her subscription.

My new Gala Darling Obsession. I love this Goddess and listen to her all the time even her old videos they always help me.

Tapping and Hypnosis

Gala Darling Youtube Channel is my new weekly obsession. Gala pulls 3 Tarot cards for the week and we Tap out what we need to for the week. Tapping is EFT Emotional Freedom Technique which is amazing to work through blocks and incorporate new ideas.

Gala has wonderful classes on tapping, relationships and money. She also offers events. Follow her on Instagram. She is a gem. I love her.

Gala Darling Show with Grace Smith This episode was great because they talked about hypnosis and had two great sessions you can do from the comfort of your home. If you haven't tried hypnosis or want to know more listen to this great interview. If you are afraid of hypnosis this may help ease your mind.

Grace has sessions for purchase and subscription services.

Magical Morning Practice Interview talks about the great manifestations that come from Gala's Magical Morning Practice. It has helped me greatly and it helped me manifest a whole two week trip to California. Check it out!


Last but not least movies that will change your life for good. I truly recommend watching all of these movies at least 5 times. Most are based on even better books with audio book versions.

You can heal your life by Louise Hay Very important healing movie for chatter mind and everything else. Affirmations

The Celestine Prophecy

The Shift by Wayne Dyer

The Sedona Method - Welcoming and Leting Go of Emotions (Great Practice)

What the Bleep Do We Know Movie Thoughts, The Observer, and Emotions with Quantum Physics and Ramtha

I couldn't get free copies of the following great movies for kids and adults alike rentals

The Last Mimzy

Moana Disney Movie Great New Spiritual Story

Kung Fu Panda 3 Chi is Reiki Healing Energy

Start with Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 if you haven't seen it.

On Netflix Song of the Sea and The book of Kells

Love to all,