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Young Living Essential Oils

So Much More than just Essential Oils.

Gary Young is the Founder of Young Living Essential Oils. He started with a dream or an obsession but he revolutionized Essential Oils and is the father of distillation. Young Living is one of the top Essential Oil Companies in the world and there seed to seal purity in every bottle puts them ahead of the game. Everyone has there preferences with oils but to be completely honest I never had smelled or felt an essential oil until I tried Young Living. I had been using essential oils most of my life but it wasn't until I found Young Living that I knew I had found the best. I really love these oils and they have become part of my everyday life style. I have a very sensitive nose and am very sensitive to frequencies and these oils are of the charts. These oils are what I would call medical grade and can be used for natural health remedies.

I don't know what I would do without my Lavender Oil. I just love it so much!

How to Order

There are two ways to order Young Living Products

Retail or Wholesale

For either you can visit oilsbyvanessa.com

or click on the image above.

What is the difference?


For a Retail account you pay full price but can order anything you want without having to order a kit.


For a Wholesale account you order one of the many kits.

You receive a great deal over 75% OFF Retail price for the Kit.

Any future orders would include a 24% discount OFF Retail Price.

Special Discount Pricing for Shipping.

Depending on the Kit you choice you will receive an essential oil Diffusier and other great free gifts.

Please make sure you order from my link or add my member number to your order so I can sponsor you.


If you have any questions please shoot me a text or email and I would be happy to help you learn more about Young Living and Essential Oils.


Here is one of my favorite Essential Oils 101. Here you can learn about Young Living and so much more.