Mojo by Vanessa

Mojo Bags, Gris-gris bags, Qwanga bags.

Mojo bags, Gris-gris bags, Qwanga bags, Sachet spells, Lucky Hand, Lucky Charms are some of the many names of handmade talismans. We hand make all our Mojo bags using secret recipes, special ingredients and prayers. We feed and charge all our bags. Each is made with Love, Honor and Respect. When possible we work with the Moon and charge special ingredients with equinoxes and solstices. Vanessa has been initiated in Sansi 21 Divisions Dominican Voodoo. Vanessa practices eclectic magic and takes a little from here and a little from there. Making Vanessa's Mojo bags very unique and one of a kind. Please contact Vanessa for ordering. Great for parties and gifts. Bring a little ease with charms for the easy life. HANDMADE IN NOLA. Made with Love.

Assorted Mojo Bags

Up to 50 $5 a piece

Up to 100 $4.50 a piece

Up to 200 $4. a piece

Up to 300 $3.50 a piece

Up to 500 $3. a piece

Each piece is hand made with Love in NOLA.

Magickal prayers and spells are added

all ingredients are for good, blessings and wishes.

Special Custom made Moon Cycle Power Mojo Bag

Hand Made in NOLA.

Special Larger Mojo Bags

Custom Made for you

Love * Protection * Money * Health * Psychic eye* Baby* Home blessing*

With the power of a full Moon Cycle 28 days

Special requests

Prepared and Charged for the Moon and Astrology cycles

Special Ingredients

Secret Recipes

Super Powered

Specific Charms


Please note Custom Mojo bags are larger than our Assorted Mojo Bags

Power of 3 Moon Cycles Goddess Mojo Bag

3 Months to prepare

Special requests

Triple Super Powered


*** Please note this is not for manipulative magic this is for a powerful force for good and the light. Attracting the highest and best to us and everyone involved.

To order please text or email us.