Oracle, Channel, Guide, Healer, Teacher, Cartographer, Mystic, Astral Warrior & Healing Artist.

We are not yet open for in person sessions in our Nola Location.

We are offering phone Sessions.



We will be offering concierge services in the NoLA area Next Year.

If you have a small event or are looking for private in person readings

please email us or leave us a message. We will do what we can to be of service in compliance to City rules.

Please click on Services to find out more.

Because of the new changes in the world

(As above so below)

we are also now offering

Rainbow Dragon Healing phone sessions.

In this new world this new golden age we are creating everything in the present moment.

Our vibration, our state of attraction in the now is all we have.

Being deliberate intenders of our lives.

Rainbow Dragon Healing for Dream Manifestation.

These sessions will include Vibration talk (where you are at?)

Dream Mapping (where you want to be?)

Healing Elemental Guided Meditation with the Angels and Guides

(Feeling your way to where you want to be)


Healing spiritual recommendations.

Phone Sessions are limited to availability.

Only a few appointments are available per month.

Self Care is priority!

More info available under Services.

New options and offers Soon to Come.

We are working on General Tarot readings for all coming to YouTube!

Updates to Recommendations page are in process.

Thank you.

May all the people in all the worlds be happy.

About Vanessa.

Vanessa is an Oracle and a Healing Artist.

Vanessa started reading palms in elementary school and was 13 when she purchased her first tarot deck.

She has dedicated her life to exploring and learning different forms of spirituality.

Allowing Spirit to guide her Vanessa has explored:

Shamanism, Usui Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, Archangels,

Healing with the Angels, Santeria, Sansi,

Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of light,

Astral Travel, Spiritualism, Healing Arts, Auric Surgery,

Frequency Altering Healing Method, Wicca, Paganism,

The Rising Star Healing System, Essential oils and Crystals, etc .

Vanessa grew up in NYC spending her summers in Ecuador. She now lives and works out of New Orleans with special events and dates in NYC, Miami and Palm Springs.

Readings by Vanessa offers phone readings, private readings, Expo's, Events, Parties,

and lecturas en espanol.

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In the New Orleans area Vanessa offers private in person readings by appointment out of her balcony garden in the lower garden district weather permitting. Late Afternoon and Evenings.

Earlier appointments are available with advanced notice, weather permitting.

Phone Readings are available evenings

Please note there is a wait list for phone readings.

We have a team of great readers available for events and parties.

Phones are usually forwarded to voicemail.

Leave a message, text or email for requests.


Please note appointments fill up quick.

At times there is a waiting list for phone readings.

If you are a new client please leave message

or text with name and type of

service you are interested in.

If you have been referred by a friend please let us know.

Referred clients and returning customers have priority.

Event weekends in New Orleans get booked in advanced so please keep that in mind.

Free Essential Oil Sniff and Sip Open House.

upcoming dates soon to come and special request available.

Reiki Healing Initiations and Workshops available.

Usui Reiki 101 Private one on one Workshops and Attunements

available by request!

For Appointments

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