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Thanksgiving Thursday 23 Nov 2017

I hope you are able to enjoy this Thanksgiving with the ones who love you.

This is quite new to me, celebrating Thanksgiving. It surely has a nice sound to it. I am trying to be more thankful. When I stop and think I have a multitude of people and things to be thankful for.

I suffered a traumatic brain injury in April 2017. This was so severe only one place in Boise could deal with my Level 1 Trauma. I was flown there by helicopter. All the doctors with many years experience said there is no hope. I was completely unreachable and measured deep on the Glasgow Coma Scale. There was talk of my organs being removed for those in need of transplants.

Only our Heavenly Father could choose for me to live. Next morning (much to everyone’s amazement) I woke up. I was then in ICU and the hospital for two months.

I am doing "Rehab" (as we say) the rest of the time and living at home. I have met many good people along the way who helped me. If not for them I would not enjoy Thanksgiving so much. That is for sure.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.