RCX Tire Blankets

RCX Engineering is a small family-owned business making high quality tire blankets for autosports competition including autocross, time trial, and road racing. Our blankets are proudly made in the USA from high strength coated nylon fabric and lightweight and effective thermal insulation. Our blankets are designed by competitors and for competitors: Thick enough to keep your tires warm between runs, but thin enough to slip behind many tight fenders without having to jack your car up. They're easy to put on, easy to take off, and sized to fit your tire like a glove. They're rigid enough to push easily onto your tires, but pliable enough to stuff into a small trunk for transport. They're water resistant, easy to clean, and designed to stand up to the rigors of paddock and grid life. We're excited to be making them and hope you'll be excited to use them!

RCX Tire Blankets are available for purchase through our Etsy store. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at RCXTireBlankets@gmail.com. RCX Tire Blankets are available in a number of sizes starting at $195.99, and can be custom made to fit any tire.

The below size guide includes popular tire sizes and other sizes previous customers have ordered blankets for, but if tires aren't listed, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help ensure you get blankets that fit your car and tires perfectly. Please include your tire sizes and models in the comments when you order so that we can verify fitment, and please let us know if there are any events coming up in the near future you would like to have these blankets for. We try to accommodate rush orders when possible.


Small: Fits 22.70-23.20" diameter tires up to 10" in section width, including: 205/50-15 RE-71R/RivalS/A7 245/40-15 RE-71R/RivalS/A7
Small-Deep: Fits 22.70-23.20" diameter tires up to 12" in section width, including: 275/35-15 Hoosier A7 295/35-15 Hoosier A7
Medium: Fits 24.7-25.20" diameter tires up to 10" in section width, including: 225/45-17 RE-71R/RivalS/RT615K+
Medium-Deep: Fits 24.7-25.20 diameter tires up to 12" in section width. 245/40-17 RE-71R/RivalS 255/40-17 RE-71R/RivalS 255/35-18 RE-71R/RivalS 285/30-18 RE-71R/RivalS/A7
Large: Fits 25.2-25.80 diameter tires up to 13" in section width, including: 315/35-17 A7 275/35-18 RE-71R/RivalS/A7 295/30-18 A7 315/30-18 RivalS/A7 335/30-18 RE-71R/RivalS 25.5x14-16 Hoosier Bias Ply
Large-Deep: Fits 25.6-26.20 diameter tires up to 14.5" in section width, including: 345/35-18 A7 305/30-19 RE-71R
Custom: any other size. Please provide tire make/model and size.

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