NEW Lunch for 2021

Lunch is NOT available & not for sale. Pizza is served approximately once a week. Additionally, there are occasional BBQ’s, (beef hot dogs and hamburgers), thru-out the summer. Some “special,” optional lunches, such as Red Lobster or McDonalds may be added to the schedule for an additional fee. On swim days, campers may purchase lunch at the pool, (dates, menu, and cost will be posted). On all other days, lunch must be brought from home. Lunch MUST be purchased on some trips, since outside food is not permitted, (Liberty Science, Baseball games, Dave & Busters, I-Play, Etc.). If a parent neglects to send lunch, an alternate lunch will be provided, (cheese sandwich, bagel, Etc.).

*****REMINDER: Richmond County Day Camp is a NUT AWARE camp. Nuts of ANY kind are NEVER permitted in camp for lunch or snacks & is immediately thrown in the garbage if found****

Snacks & Drinks

  • A decision of whether the camp snack-bar will be open has not been made.

  • We recommend that you send as many snacks as desirable in the camp bag.

  • Snacks can be purchased on most trips.

  • Campers should bring a water bottle to camp; it will be refilled thru-out the day.

  • During camp, ice-cream and ices are often served, at no charge.

  • Fresh fruit is available to campers when requested.

(For more information on food & lunch, please refer to the Parent Handbook)

Below, is a 2021 SAMPLE lunch schedule