This system is a joke and so is this podcast.

Why did we decide to do this?

"The early bird gets the worm, so I went after work"

-Stuart Diaz Jr., journalist who may not exist

We were not the early birds.

Indeed, we were not. The Game by Game podcast format has been around for a while, and many different people have wanted to make their own podcasts, just like us. After years of various podcasts starting up, us newcomers are left with the table scraps. Enter the RCA Studio II.

Neither Nick nor I are the biggest fans of the RCA Studio II, but since I have always been interested in the thing and I'm finally able to play the games I decided to just do it. Nick's tagging along, at least for now.

Our first episode should be coming out in very early April. It's about the built-in game FREEWAY by Joe Weisbecker. If you have any feedback for this game, or similar games like STREET RACER on the Atari 2600, SPEEDWAY! on the Odyssey 2, or other similar games. Or just say hello and ask some questions. Anything goes pretty much. Just send it to our email below.

Thanks again for visiting our page. We appreciate it.

Take care and best wishes,

Harry Neubauer


Welcome to our first episode! It's the built-in game Freeway by Joseph Weisbecker! This game has been done to death on all the other systems of the time. Games like the arcade game Wheels, the 2600's Street Racer, the Odyssey 2's Speedway! (which also came with the system, though not built in), and many more. You can send feedback in for each of these if you want, just try to relate them back to Freeway.

Out of these games, Freeway seems the most, well, limited. But do we like it or not? That's up to you to find out once our first episode comes out.

Remember to send in feedback to the email address above!

Coming up next

Bowling by Joseph Weisbecker. You can also send in feedback for Channel F Bowling, Atari 2600 Bowling, Odyssey 2 Bowling (my favorite), or other contemporary bowling games.

"Have you played the RCA Studio II Home TV Programmer today? We didn't think so."