Research Interests

  • Seabird life-history strategies and population dynamics - My research focuses on the breeding productivity, survival and dispersal of seabirds and how these demographic parameters are influenced by anthropogenic and environmental change. In particular, I am interested in how birds respond to environmental change when provisioning their young; how the conditions experienced during development may affect future fitness; and how life-history constraints can be considered in evidence-based conservation. The ultimate goal of my research is to guide conservation strategy and assist the development of ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management.
  • Non-invasive or impact reduced strategies for studying wild animals - Seabirds are studied as indicators of change in the marine environment; however, many species are also threatened with extinction. So, it is essential we minimise any negative effects associated with research. I am interested in how computer vision and developing technologies can be used to assist our understanding of behaviour and population ecology with minimal impact on the animals. I am also interested in methods that quantify the impact of monitoring or research activities on animals at individual and population levels and the use of the technology to engage people in conservation.

Main collaborators

Fitsum Abadi, Res Altwegg, Peter Barham, Andy Brierley, Tilo Burghardt, Timothée Cook, Rob Crawford, Astrid Jarre, Jessica Kemper, Katrin Ludynia, Azwianewi Makhado, Alistair McInnes, Taryn Morris, Jean-Paul Roux, Lynne Shannon, Antje Steinfurth, William Sydeman, Les Underhill, Carl van der Lingen, Stephen Votier, Lauren Waller, Florian Weller and Henning Winker.

Follow the links for information on my current and past Projects here, a list of my Funding sources here and information on Consultancy and advisory roles.