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DISCLAIMER: This site has nothing to do with racism--which by definition the businesses posted on this site cannot engage in. It is about being able to spend our money where we feel welcomed and wanted. This is about not having to sacrifice dignity in exchange for a service because you are new to the area and lacking time to locate a business owned by own sympathetic community. This is about being able to support the Asiatic dollar even when from home.

As a wise man once said, if you don't like me, I'll build my own! Interestingly enough, numerous businesses listed on this site began just that way---one humiliation too many led to the establishment of the same business to address the same issues suffered by other members of the same community. While daily discrimination is bad enough, it is especially troublesome while traveling. It has been estimated that the Asiatic community spent 50 BILLION dollars annually on travel in . This number is projected to increase in the coming years. That is a LOT of money to invest in your own discomfort while trying to enjoy the experience of a new location. Also, it is high time the Asiatic community begin to exploit THEMSELVES! The businesses listed on this site have taken the risky step in investing in themselves---and their community -- by creating businesses and employment opportunities for the youth.