See Israel with Raz Goren

If you want a custom made tour ,

Whether it is a Jewish , Christian Pilgrimage or a mainstream tour visiting the highlights of Israel .

Or maybe you want to see Israel off the beaten track , by hiking or Mountain Biking .

I will show you Israel in a special way that you have never seen before .

Some of my services

  • Guided Tour with My Tour Car (Place for up to 6 additional passengers)
  • Tours can be one Day Tours or Several Days Touring
  • Guided tours in Jerusalem
  • Guided Tours to The Judea Desert , Massada and the Dead Sea
  • Guided Tours to the Galilee and the Golan
  • Guided Tours to Ceasaria , Haifa , Acre , Nazareth , Armagedon Etc.
  • Guided tours in Tel Aviv or Jaffa
  • Guided Tours to the Negev Desert and Eilat
  • Guided Tours all over the country to all mainstream sites
  • Day tours for HiTech company guests who have some time to travel
  • Guided hikes and tracks all over the country
    • Cross Israel Trail
    • The Jesus Trail
    • Hikes in various Desert trails
  • Guided Mountain Bike Rides all over the country
    • Cross Country or Enduro Rides
    • Rides in Jerusalem including rides in the old city
    • Rides in Tel Aviv
    • National Cross Israel Bike Trail
    • Riding the Jesus Trail
    • Ride to the MarSaba Monastrey and the "Sugar Trail"


Beit Shearim

Iris in Mount Carmel

HaTachana WaterFall near Metulla , Upper Galilee

Hiking the Lower Galilee (Nahal Tsipori)

Jesrael Valley

Ibex near Mitspe Ramon

Iris in the Gilboa

Mount of Olives (Herodium is seen on the background)

The Prophets Tomb on Mount of Olives

The Church of Holy Sepulchre

Nahalat Shivaa



Mount Carmel

Neve Tsedek - Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Riding on Mount Bental - Golan Heights

Riding on Mount Bental - Golan Heights (Mount Hermon in the background)

The Sharon

Riding to the Marsaba Monastrey and the Sugar Trail

Rappeling in the Keshet Cave - Upper Galilee

Northern Palace - Massada

Roman Temple in Kedesh - Upper Galilee

Autumn Blooming in the Golan Heights


Descend to the Sea of Galilee



The ancient synagogue - Capernaum

Let me take you in my new Tour car

Pelicans on their way from Europe to Africa

The Byzantine wall of Beit Shean

Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor by Mountain Bike

On the Sugar Trail

"Havarei Almog" Singletrack



Yahel , South Negev

Latrun Crusader Fortress

Pagoda House - Tel Aviv

Guiding about the Bird Mosaic in Ceasaria

Guiding about the Ceasaria Aquaducts

Ibex in Ein Gedi

Hyrax in Ein Gedi

Ibex in Ein Gedi

Hiking in Eilat Area

Hiking in Eilat Mountains