Ravikant Sharma

Researcher & Academician in Life Sciences,Bioinformatics And Biotechnology

Armed with a bachelor degree in Biotechnology, I have started my voyage of research with keen interest in correlating the concepts of computing with Biology and therefore emerged as a young researcher while pursuing my Master's degree in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in a highly research oriented environment. After earning my degree in 2010 from Haryana Agriculture University from state of Haryana in India, I have decided to move towards academics with having firm family roots in education and academics. I have started my career as a Lecturer in a Community College affiliated with Kurukshetra University in 2010, where I have been involved in teaching various subjects of Life Sciences at undergraduate level to college students. While working at the grassroots level, my main interest was to transform the educational trends in a traditional society and started preparing students with emphasis on developing quality education with keen orientation towards generating innovative and young entrepreneurs for the society. Moving ahead further in my career I have joined a research lab in University of Delhi South Campus with a promising and dynamic mentor who have been working on exploring novel ideas from the vast sea of Proteins. Joining hands with my supervisor I have worked to evolve constantly with the vision support from my mentor in another campus of Delhi University who has been working extensively to streamline the system and was working on several aspects of developing higher education parallel to innovation and entrepreneurship to come up with young minds. With a perfect blend of qualities and vision from both the mentors ,I have started exploring opportunities overseas with promising research ideas and research outcomes presented in several conferences of international repute. I have been encouraged by International Societies who conferred me with Young Scientist Award and Young Investigator Award from India & Southeast Asia. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been a generous support to give wings to my dreams of developing a research based education system which can help to bring changes to the lives of children with lack of resources. My main focus of research is working on Infectious Disease specially the pathogenic Neisseria species of bacteria: Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Neisseria meningitidis. I am mainly working on novel insights into the genetic make-up of these bacterial pathogens. These expected outcomes of research may lead to novel treatment options, finding vaccine targets, and better understanding of the pathogens and how they cause their respective diseases.