Rattlesnake Skin Boots

When it comes to fashionable boots, nothing garners as much attention as rattlesnake skin boots. This is due to the visually appealing nature of snakeskin boots and also due to the fact that they are extremely reliable.

I am aware that they may not be really considered work boots however that is what I use mine for.

They appeared good for a two or perhaps three weeks until they started getting beat up, do not get me wrong they still look great. I work for a landscaping company and with a job like that you can't expect them to be clean and pretty.

I really love these rattlesnake boots because they're very comfortable.

Rattlesnake skin boots are the blast! The color combination of the natural snakeskin with the impartial leather boot base looks great together. And the sewing structure on the boot shaft is also very well done and improves the overall look of this boot.

The boot is well made, including the use of traditional lemon wood pegs. I have been looking for a nice pair of rattlesnake skin boots and this Dan Post boot more than surpass my requirement.

Rattlesnake skin cowboy boots

These boots were purchased for my husband and he was so happy! I was worried about the fit! However, he says they are a perfect fit and he loves the look! I like the look as well! I'm happy that I got the exact rattlesnake skin cowboy boots as I expected. They're fits well, are very comfortable and looks nice with pair of jeans or dress pants.

Tony Lama Rattlesnake Skin Boots

In today ’s world that is brimming with imitations and “Made in China” labels, it is nice to know that there still exist a few durable American originals such as this pair of Tony Lama rattlesnake skin boots. Definitely distinctive and as there aren’t many boots around made from genuine rattlesnake they are certainly something special and a favorite among those who already have them. So lets have a look at what they have to offer.

Product Information

The Tony Lama rattlesnake skin boots are hand made by American cobblers as their same hands performed the elegant decoration on the leather-based shafts, as well as the stitches of the bottoms and uppers. For the vamps, they used authentic rattlesnake skin which gives an elegant surface to the boots. Completing the higher is the 12-inch vintage goat top in brown that matches the silvery vamp.


Tony Lama rattlesnake skin boots boots certainly have an spectacular feel about them. Unlike cheap cowboy boots that are made overseas, these Western-style boots are a fine testimony to the unparalleled craftsmanship of American artisans. They reflect the tradition of the Wild West without looking pretentious or over -the- top. It is the silvery rattlesnake skin that is the best feature of this pair, that when partnered with button-downs and jeans, really standout from the audience.

Diamondback rattlesnake skin boots

These rattlesnake boots are one of the Top sellers in this line! These top of the line boots are made from genuine leather - Featuring traditional western styling with a stylish round toe and 1 . 5 " under - cut heel.

These Diamond Back Rattlesnake skin boots are one of our all time Best Sellers!! These hand-crafted cowboy boots have a distinctive and "striking" pattern being natural skins each boot is unique in shade and pattern.

Our expert Boot makers match the skins to be as close as possible with these natural hides! These hand crafted boots reflect superb quality. We know you will not be disappointing in adding these Cowtown Diamond Back Rattlesnake Boots to your wardrobe!!!!

Hand-crafted in the USA, these exotic boots by Nocona have looks that will kill! These boots feature a natural rattlesnake vamp that is paired with a black leather shaft for a simple, yet classic look. On the inside, the cushion insole offers hours of comfort, while the square toe keeps you looking good.

The thick leather out sole is long -lasting and great for riding, working, or everyday wear. If you consistently keep a moisturizer on these boots, they'll last forever!

Rattlesnake proof boots

When anything claims to protect or “proof” you from something, it means that you are deliberately avoiding the possibility of experiencing either mild or severe pain. We all know that by now, especially avid hunters and hikers like me.

So it’s better to be prepared for something you know that you simply can’t avoid, no matter how expert of a hunter or hiker you think you are. Rattlesnake skin boots are built to protect the most susceptible and accessible part of your body simply by covering it.

And not just covering it, snake boots do more than that. Rattlesnake skin boots are constructed with thick materials which have the strong ability to keep the fangs from entering the boot and coming in contact with your skin. You might think that these thick materials must be heavy or uncomfortable, but that’s not the case. Trust me.