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Getting a college education is one of the most expensive if not beneficial investments in life. With all the universities and colleges out there not to mention the number of professors available, deciding what course to take and which institution to take it is already a pain by itself. Education, after all, is a basic commodity in life that proves to be beneficial in the long run.

With that said, making sure that you get the most out of your investment is only normal. It pays to know whether or not; you are getting the most out of the tuition you pay for the services provided by the professors. This is where the Rate My Professors app comes into play. As simple as it may sound, this modest app will help you get an idea of which professor can provide you with the basic knowledge needed for your chosen course or degree.


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Rate My Professors is a straightforward review site which, as the name suggests, focuses on the performance of college professors. Ratemyprofessors.com is a site founded in May 1999 by a Menlo Park, CA-based software engineer named John Swapceinski. Rate my Professors to allow college and university students to post or assign ratings to campuses and professors of American, UK, and Canadian institutions.

Rate My Professors originally launched as TeacherRatings.com up until 2001 when the developer decided to rebrand the site. Four years after the rebranding, Patrick Nagle and William DeSanti then acquired Rate My Professors in 2005. The pair then resold the site to Viacom’s MTVU, MTV's College channel in 2007.

Since then, Rate my Professors evolved to become the largest professor ratings site on the planet. Boasting over 1.7 million professor reviews in over 7500 campuses across the US, UK, and Canada. This surge in popularity catapulted the site to become the highest-trafficked site for rating professors, colleges, and universities.

One of the main benefits of this app is that freshmen students can view the performance of the professors on their campuses. Thus, aiding them on their decision or for the most part, prepare themselves on what to expect on the professor, college, or campus the enrolled in. Furthermore, Rate My Professor allows students to leave comments about the performance not only of the professor but the entire campus itself.

In other words, if you are a college freshman student who is researching or on the prowl for the best professor who can provide you with the best instruction about your course, then, feel free to check out the Rate My Professors app today. See the difference and contribute your experience to help other students in the future. So what are you waiting for? Click on the download button on your screen and take advantage of this free app today.


What is this Rating and Reviewing Application Used for?

Rate My Professors app is built for college students to help them choose the best courses and professors in the US, UK, and Canada. The goal of the app is simple; provide a trustworthy platform the students can use to gain basic knowledge on the courses offered and the professors in the colleges or universities in their area.

Rate my Professors app, for the most part, is best for college freshmen who are looking for second opinions on colleges and universities. After all, it is best to have basic knowledge of where to invest especially in a commodity as expensive as a college education.

What Are the Guidelines to Rating Professors and Schools?

Rate my Professors app houses millions of reviews from students from more than 7000 institutions or campuses in the US, UK, and Canada. Some of these institutions include TCC Tidewater Community College, ASU Arizona State University, HCC Houston community college, MDC Miami Dade College, UCF University of Central Florida, BYU Brigham Young University, etc. As to how accurate the reviews are depending on the volume itself, after all, not everyone will be pleased by a certain campus or the teaching methods used by professors.

It is important to remember that you are making one of the most important investments in your life. Moreover, just like other investors, you must do your research as well. All the resources or the data are already provided by the Rate My Professors app, this means that all you need, is to do your part, which is to exploit the platform.

How Accurate are the Calculations of the Ratings?

Similar to most applications, the Rate my Professors app comes with its own set of guidelines. These guidelines will help you feed the app with the most accurate evaluation of the university, professor, or college you chose. Do take note that following these guidelines are put in place to help you produce a meaningful review that will be helpful to future students in the future. With that said, check out some of the Rate my Professors guidelines below for more details.

Student Guidelines:

  • Be honest in your reviews. You want to be able to trust these reviews when evaluating your course options so we ask that to contribute in the same spirit.

  • When you are reviewing a class and/or professor, it’s often helpful to provide both pros and cons. This leads to much more credible and constructive feedback for your peers.

  • Reviews should focus specifically on the course and your learning experience. Do not comment on a Professor’s appearance, dress, age, gender, or race.

  • Avoid hearsay. We want you to share your individual experience and what you took away from the course. Don’t speak on behalf of another, encourage others to submit their reviews.

  • This is not a forum for debate. Reviews that specifically reference another review will be removed. If you do not agree with someone’s individual experience, we encourage you to share your own.

  • We understand that not all teachers are the perfect match for each learning style. Tell us how the course or professor wasn’t the best for you in a way that helps others make their own decision.

  • Reviews fueled by anger do not reflect well on the author and can be removed for violations such as profanity. Take a minute to step back and make sure your review will genuinely help others understand your experience.

  • Rate My Professors reserves the right to remove ratings that do not contain substantive comments.

  • We only allow one student to review a professor one time per course. Spamming or dogpiling an account will lead to comment removal and the account being temporarily locked on the site.

  • When reading your fellow students' reviews, we encourage you to use your discretion and weigh every review amongst the others. Online reviews should be one of the many resources used when making a decision that affects your academic future.

Professor and School Guidelines:

  • This is an anonymous website where students can share their classroom experiences. We are unable to provide any data or personal information about the submitter of a review.

  • We do not proactively add any professor, course, or our student community submitted campus to our website, every profile.

  • We are unable to remove a comment simply because it is negative. It will only be removed if it does not comply with our site guidelines.

  • We encourage you to engage with students on the site by creating a Rate My Professors account. With a Professor account, you can post a reply and are alerted when new ratings are posted on your profile. To create your professor's account, get started here.

  • Replies fueled by anger do not reflect well on the author and can be removed for violations such as profanity. Take a minute to step back and make sure your reply will genuinely help others.

  • Rate My Professors' moderation team is unable to prove or disprove details mentioned in a review. We are not arbiters of facts. If you disagree with the details mentioned in a review, see the paragraph above regarding managing your profile.

  • If you believe that your profile is being spammed or dogpiled, please tell us. You can contact us here or at support@ratemyprofessors.com. We’re here to help and will happily review the comments in question.

  • While it is against our guidelines for a professor to rate themselves, we recommend for professors to encourage their students to provide ratings each semester. The more reviews you have, the more representative they will be.

  • Professor replies are subject to the same limitations regarding Prohibited Content, as set forth above.

Please keep in mind that the guidelines provided are not just for show. It is important to browse through and consider each of the clauses to make your review more accurate and useful to future users of the app. To that end, download now straight to your PC today by clicking on the link provided on this page.

App Features

Rate my Professors app is a user-friendly review platform new and upcoming students can use in choosing the right campus, course, and professor for their college education. For college students who want to use the app and leave a review, it is important to review the guidelines provided by the app, for producing a useful and balanced review. Once you get passed those parameters, you can then enjoy the various features of this useful app just like the ones below.

Read and Create School Ratings

Rate my Professors app not only provide new students in the US, UK, and Canada with useful data about colleges and universities but allows current students/previous ones to leave reviews as well. In addition to professor reviews, Rate my Professors app also allows students to leave reviews on the university or campus itself. Students can leave a review on the institution’s reputation, internet, facilities, happiness, clubs, location, food, social, opportunities, and safety. Each student can rate each of the categories mentioned from 1-5 with 5 being the highest.

Review the App’s Top List of Schools and Professors

Another useful feature found in Rate My Professors app is the Top Professors and Top Institutions list. The list is based on the comments, ratings, and reviews from the school’s students. The top professors' list is also featured on each of the schools in the app’s database. The list becomes available the moment you click on the college or university on the list provided by the app. In addition, Rate my Professors app also allows students to leave comments and ratings to the college or university they chose.

Read the Professor's Notes and Opinion

Rate my Professors app also allows students to learn more about each professor by reading the comments left by their students. In turn, professors can also leave a reply to the students’ comments and ratings. This encourages a healthy relationship between professors and students. To that end, if you are looking for a useful app you can use in choosing the right college or university for you, then, look no further than the Rate My Professors app.


Rate my Professors App is one of the most innovative not to mention the most detailed ratings app out there. The best part is not only that this app is free of charge but it also comes with important details an aspiring college student needs in choosing the right institution.

Like most apps, there some reviews that do not make sense. However, all you need to do is perform the necessary research using the app for you to get the best results. Think of it as part of your college initiation. With that said, check the app yourself straight from your desktop by clicking on the download link provided on this page.