All-in-one Atari Solution

on your Raspberry Pi


Welcome to Rastari.

Rastari allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi into an Atari Computer (ST, STe, Falcon, TT).

No games, TOS image roms or other copyrighted material are included in Rastari.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • MicroSD Card
  • HDMI cable
  • Monitor or TV with HDMI port
  • Wifi dongle or Ethernet cable (Wifi is built into Rpi3)
  • Micro USB power supply
  • USB keyboard & mouse


Download the SD card image from the following GitHUB page:



To install the Rastari SD Image on your MicroSD card: You can use

Read "Writing an image to the SD card" from the official Raspberry Pi web page.

Power on Rastari

Rastari boots fastly. After boot screen displays, you will see main screen of the Rastari.

If you wanna

  • setup Wi-Fi,
  • run the raspberry pi configuration tool,
  • update for Rpi and the Rastari,
  • transfer Atari files or rom files via File manager (mc with mouse support) from USB to the Rastari,
  • switch audio output,
  • power off or reboot system,
  • enable/disable autostart for the selected configuration,

you can click to atari mouse image on the left-top side. The main screen of Rastari displays Hatari configuration files. If you wanna create a new configuration file, you can do it from Hatari main menu while Hatari runs (Press F12 or HELP or AltGr + O ).

In addition, press 'M' key to mute is on or off. Rastari shall not forget this configuration.

Enjoy your new Atari!


Boot Screen

Welcome to Rastari on first booting

Main Screen

Main Screen with openning menu

Switch Audio Output

Select Wi-Fi Network


About Rastari


Rastari V1.0.0 is released

Rastari Preview PART 0x02

Rastari Preview PART 0x01

Falcon is fitted in the 1040STFM

Rastari project is being implemented

Atari ST Raspberry Pi Project