Welcome to RasPiGEN

About the Works:

RaspiGEN is where you will find works about the Raspberry Pi, Kali Linux, and my personal computer build(Still in the works). I am currently working on studying for my CCENT/ICND1 Certification. Comptia A+, Comptia Lunix+, and Comptia Security+ is my other set of certifications I am currently working on. Becoming certified is a great way to land a job. So where should you start?!

Kali Linux is a great OS to have, and it goes super well with the Raspberry Pi. It's able to do everything a regular Desktop Computer can but at a fraction of the speed. But it gets the work done when pen-testing the home network. So check out the how to's!

I'am currently building a PC. It is my first and for surely not the last. It's being built one piece at a time. The time is flying by and it has been since last October since I first bought the Motherboard as the start through my first PC. Check it out here.

Are you smart enough to be a Network Engineer?

ICND1 100-105 Videos

Youtube Videos from Ryan Beney over the details and material needed for the ICND1 - CCENT 100-105 Exam.

Networking Cheat Sheets

Learn networking in a simple PDF format. From routing protocols to IPv4 subnetting and all the physical connectors and common ports.


Personal Computer Build

I have just started building my own computer. Its been ages since ive wanted to do this, and now I am. I'll be starting piece by piece, buying from Newegg.com which can save you a lot of money in the long run. I just look for all the deals like the Cyber Monday deals, daily deals, and always looking for those rebates! I'm keeping this updated for further news on the build.