Use your Pi for Everything!

Welcome to RaspiGen

About the Works:

This little website is where I store the tasks or projects I have done for the Raspberry Pi. So pretty much for me not to forget how I did something when I need to do it again.

I work with the Kali Linux OS a lot. So I try to stay on top of my security for my home network by keeping it safe by penetration tests to the network. Kali Linux has a lot of useful tools for the security realm of networks.

I do most of my work on Linux machines. They are much more reliable and safer. So you will not find any How To's from any Windows machine.

Learning the Command Line is a very powerful tool in itself. So learn it and have fun with it. The community is huge, so if you need help, search it! You'll find something, I promise.

Raspberry Pi Stack

So here is my new Raspberry Pi stack. Just recently bought the Raspberry Pi 3 to start my little collection of Pi's.

I will be running Kali on one and on the other I will have my Debian and Kodi OS's. I will add a third Raspberry Pi for a home server of some sort. Maybe a LAMP web server?!

My Personal Computer Build

I have just started building my own computer. Its been ages since ive wanted to do this, and now I am. I'll be starting piece by piece, buying from Newegg.com which can save you a lot of money in the long run. I just look for all the deals like the Cyber Monday deals, daily deals, and always looking for those rebates! I'm keeping this updated for further news on the build.