Welcome to Keitaro's Rasmussen College Page!

General Information

My WebEx room: https://rasmussen.webex.com/meet/keitaro

Text me (include your name and course name): 312-772-5882

Read this document to learn how to access my Google resources: www.RasmussenMath.org/access

My Google Drive: www.RasmussenMath.org/gdrive

My YouTube Channel: www.RasmussenMath.org/youtube

Links to My Classes

  1. STAT 3140/G310 -- Advanced Statistics and Analytics
  2. STAT 3125 in Engage -- Inferential Statistics and Analysis
  3. MAT 1727/G195 -- College Statistics
  4. G246 -- Advanced Algebra
  5. MAT 1402 -- General Ed Math
  6. MGF 1100/G161 -- Quantitative Literacy

My Google Drive