Ranniery Maia

Hi. I am a speech processing and machine learning researcher. I was born in Natal, Brazil, in 1976. I received my B.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in 1998. During that period, I worked in a scientific initiation project about audio compression techniques the transmission in ISDN.

In 1998 I moved to Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where I received my M.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering at the beginning of year 2000. My thesis title was "CELP Coding and Spectral Analysis of Speech." During that time I was jointly supervised by Prof. Sergio Netto and Prof. Fernando Gil Resende Jr.

In 2001 I left to Japan, where after 1.5 years as a research student I decided to enter the graduate program of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Nagoya Institute of Technology. In 2006 I received a D.Eng. Degree in Computer Sciences and Engineering. During my period at NIT I was supervised by Prof. Keiichi Tokuda. My dissertation title was "Speech Synthesis and Phonetic Vocoding for Brazilian Portuguese based on Parameter Generation from Hidden Markov Models."

Just after receiving my doctor degree I started working at ATR-SLC/NICT, in Kyoto, doing research and development on TTS systems mostly.

After 3.5 years working at ATR/NICT, I moved to the UK, to join the Cambridge Lab of Toshiba Research Europe Limited. At Toshiba I continued working with research and development of speech processing systems. After 7 years, in October 2016, I returned to Brazil.

At the moment I am a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis. My research interests include machine learning, signal processing, speech synthesis and recognition using deep learning.