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How Siri is, Once Again, Forcing Big New Changes in SEO Marketing

Digital marketers are a bit nervous about a new inclusion in the digital marketing world which is threatening big shake-ups once again. It is not Google. If anything, Google has helped marketers find some sense in this Wild West with tools like Google Ranker. It is actually the widespread addition of voice recognition. The leading contributor to this shift is none other than Siri.

More and more people are using Siri to make search inquiries. What impact, if anything, will this have on search engine optimization? Marketers are really studying what kind of shift the use of voice recognition software could have.

Keywords are getting Even Longer

Some propose that keywords will get even longer, utilizing full sentences as search keywords. People are asking full questions to Siri, and she is reading those. By using full sentences, marketers are getting ahead of this trend. Few people are going to say “find me shoes” when asking Siri. They will ask “where are the cheapest shoes” or “who has shoes for one dollar.” These search terms are odd, but they are the kinds of things people are asking on their quest for the oddest finds.

Natural Keywords

Others suspect that keywords are going to become even more natural and conversational. Connecting words may be valued with greater authority, such as “it” and “before.” Conversational terms and even grammatical inaccuracies may be present in keywords. Full fragmented sentences could be highly valued. marketers already using long-tail keywords are in luck.

SEO may be affected by more than just its keywords. Links may lose value because people are inclined to stay disconnected to the software. Other systems and strategies could change based on how a user relying on their voice would interact with content.

Is Siri Changing the Marketing Landscape Once Again?

The answer to this is complicated. The use of voice recognition is having an impact, but what kind of impact in totality these systems will have is hard to determine. Tools, like Google Ranker, will help read through the data. Any strategy focused on voice recognition can be assessed and evaluated. This will be the main course of action for 2018.