Digital Presence Manager

So why is quote unquote Digital Presence Management even a topic worthy of conversation?

As you're reading this, you may very much in fact be tired of hearing that the world has changed so much in the last few years. And with that, the world of business has changed along with it:

  • The way people do business

  • The way people interact with companies and their products and services, and thereby the way in which people choose to buy those products and services has changed.

But even if you are tired of constantly hearing that things are different, that the world of business has changed... this truth still remains:

Too many professional businesses were not ready to embrace their own Digital Presences online (is it Presenci for plural?). You could argue that we all should have seen it coming, that if you didn't begin Managing your own Digital Presence online sooner rather than later, that you were going to begin facing challenges in the digital-first world of business.

But here's a second truth that's important to note:

That when you're comfortable doing what you're already doing, it's hard to begin doing something that you're just about 100% sure will make you uncomfortable.

And Managing your own Digital Presence is one of those things that makes you uncomfortable.

So let's take a few steps back... why is a Digital Presence Manager even a topic for conversation? If you're reading this you've probably already met Randy in person, and if so, what did he talk talk to you about?

Was it a little bit of video editing, a little bit of podcasting, and a little bit of media training?

Yes it's all of that.

And some.

So back to Digital Presence Management, and whether it's even a topic for conversation. If you've read this far, you might already be convinced, but maybe not, so let's break down how this phrase came together:


  1. More people want their business to be more Digital

  2. More people want more of a Presence online

  3. But LESS people want to Manage it


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