Excerpts and Expressions

In a true life romance experience I put my worth into question: "Am I worthy of your kiss, am I worthy of your smile, am I worthy of the way you love me." In this crucial time of my life, I did a lot of soul searching and chanting. I hope that this song would reach the hearts of the listeners who are questioning their worth. And if so, find the courage to overcome any obstacle in their life that questions their dignity and worth and therefore happiness. ("Am I worthy" by Randy Darbonne - Radio Soul, 2007)

Midnight Sun ("Midnight Sun" by Randy Darbonne - Let's Talk about Love, 2007) was written due to the world affairs that included the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in 2005 and the United States invading Iraq. Rita actually crippled Lake Charles, my home town. Such disasters are times where we can see the human spirit where we help each other without worrying about differences in races, status, background, culture, religion, etc. Humanity reveals itself. So to my listeners, the key point in this song is that "we better come together, before it's too late, we got to stick together for Love, No Hate!"

My third CD, The Truth (2013) includes the song "Got a Call" which was written in 2009 on Interstate 10 driving back from California with my brother, Scottie James. I returned home to Lake Charles, Louisiana to care for my elderly mother after 32 years living in California. My mother, Rita was ailing from Alzheimer disease. My mother had been instrumental in nursing me back to sobriety during her 10 year stay with me in Berkeley. Upon my awakening to enter a drug and alcohol free life I was committed to repay my depth of gratitude to my mother. This phone call was all it took for me to pack my bags and leave a place I called home. "She was always there when I needed her the most, now it's my time to be there; what you reap, you sow...... she can't remember my name, but she still knows my smile. I kiss her good-night, once a woman, twice a child - I got a call..... gotta go home."

Randy Paul Darbonne's Book: North Side of Town, coming Fall of 2018