Randy Paul - 2 years old

Randy Paul - performing at an early age

Randy Darbonne in his home creating the character for his band 2015: Randy Darbonne's Funky Boogaloo

This snapshot was taken in Portland, OR during a Photo Shoot in 2007

From a Photo Shoot in Oregon, 2007

Randy Darbonne trying on a hat at the Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles, 2017

Picture taken on the set for the movie "Donuts" in 2017.

Portland 2007

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco. Theatrical production of the "50th anniversary of the signing of UN charter", 1995; SGI-USA

Both photos of Randy in San Francisco, 1992/93

A night out on the town, 2016

A still shot from the video "ain't gon happen," 2013???

On stage at Delta Downs Casino in Vinton, LA 2016

Reeves Banquet Hall, 2017

left: Promotional Photo for Randy Darbonne & Radio Soul Band, San Francisco, 2006-2007

right: Photo Shoot, Portland, OR showing off his high jump. "Excuse me while I touch the sky""

Randy Darbonne's Funky Boogaloo, 2015

left to right: Jabo, Deuce, Shonte, Randy, Mike, Nat, Reggie

Funky Boogaloo performance stage at the KPC Hall, Lake Charles, LA; July 2015


The Band Bedrock

Live in Oakland, CA

left: Palac of Fine Arts, San Francisco, 2015; "I believe I can fly"

right: Lake Charles, LA; 2014 - video shoot for "if I can't have you"