Workshop on Random Matrices, Stochastic Geometry and Related Topics


The purpose of this workshop is to overview recent developments in random matrices, stochastic geometry and related fields, and to foster exchanges among researchers in Asia.

Dates and Venue

14 (Thur) Morning -- 16(Sat) evening, March, 2019, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Venues are as as follows:

14, 15th: Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS)

16th: Department of Mathematics, NUS

Locations : here and here.


The pdf version (with abstracts) is here.

March 14th (Thus) at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences

9:00--9:45 Makoto Katori, Partial Isometries, Duality, and Determinantal Point Processes

10:00--10:45 Wei Hsuan Yu, Maximum spherical two-distance sets (Slides of this talk)

11:00--11:45 Khanh Duy Trinh, A central limit theorem for add-one cost stabilizing functionals (Slides of this talk)

11:50--13:30 Lunch

13:30--14:15 Naoto Miyoshi, Scaling limits of interference fields in spatial stochastic models of ultra-dense wireless networks (Slides of this talk)

14:30--15:15 Yi Li, Matrix-related Problems In Data Streams

15:20--16:00 Coffee Break

16:00--16:45 Guangming Pan, Asymptotic independence between the spiked eigenvalues and linear spectral statistics

March 15th (Fri) at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences

9:00--9:45 Kazuhiro Kuwae, Green-tight measures of Kato class and compact embedding theorem for symmetric Markov processes (Slides of this talk)

10:00--10:45 Kiyotaka Suzaki, A limit theorem for persistence diagrams of random filtered complexes built over marked point processes

11:00--11:45 Anirban Basak, Spectrum of random perturbations of finitely banded Toeplitz matrices (Slides of this talk)

11:50--13:30 Lunch

13:30--14:15 Yosuke Kawamoto, Convergence theorems related to Airy interacting infinite dimensional stochastic differential equations (Slides of this talk)

14:30--15:15 Louis H. Y. Chen, Stein’s method and Palm theory in random measures

15:20--16:00 Coffee Break

16:00--16:45 Bikramjit Das, Inference with random sets: QQ plots and mean excess plots (Slides of this talk)

18:30--21:00 Banquet

March 16th (Sat) at the Department of Mathematics, NUS (Building S17, Floor 05, Room #12)

9:00--9:45 Yang Chen, Small Eigenvalues of Large Hankel Matrices

10:00--10:45 Wang Dong, Phase transition related to Lyapunov exponents in the model of product of complex Ginibre matrices (Slides of this talk)

11:00--11:45 Hideki Tanemura, Systems of hard balls with long-range interactions

11:50--13:30 Lunch

13:30--14:15 Zhigang Bao, Local single ring theorem on optimal scale (Slides of this talk)

14:30--15:15 Nicolas Privault, Normal approximation in random subgraph counting by the Stein method and discrete-time stochastic analysis

15:20--16:00 Coffee Break

16:00--16:45 Hirofumi Osada, A scheme solving infinite-dimensional stochastic differential equations (Slides of this talk)


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Hotel Park Avenue Rochester

There will be a shuttle service between the hotel and the workshop venue in the morning and in the evening.


The conference dinner will take place at the University Club (Prive´ Grill) in the evening of Mar. 15.


Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) 18H01124

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) 16H06338