Terms and Condition

The Map Upgrades feature supplies for map data to be updated when available, for the useful life of the device originally purchased with this feature. An item's"useful life" is described as the interval during which the product 1) has sufficient memory and technical capacities to accept updated map information and features, 2) can be operated without significant defects or needed repairs. Furthermore, Rand McNally will not make upgrades available for any product that Rand McNally, at its own discretion, has designated"end of existence," which designation may occur at any moment after the 36-month anniversary of the launch of the applicable product model.

Map updates aren't transferrable to another individual or another Rand McNally merchandise. Map upgrades provided by the attribute apply only to the same geographic map data as originally included on the special Rand McNally apparatus at time of initial purchase.

Device owners are expected to register their device so as to qualify for Map Updates.

Why Rand Mcnally Navigation ?

  • Navigating commercial transportation for 80+ years

  • Award-winning Vehicle navigation solutions

  • Millions of points of interest 35% more truck-specific routes Compared to other Suppliers

  • Continual Developments and Confirmed updates from Expert drivers on the Street Through Inform Rand

  • Routing based on truck configuration, load, and truck-designated Paths (STAA)

Rand McNally Dock Update- Now you do Rand McNally Update by visiting rand-mcnally-gps-update and saty updated with the Latest Map Update.